Once every two years the Centre organises the Asian Invitational Conference on Family Business. It is the flagship outreach and knowledge dissemination event organised by the Centre. The conference invites eminent family business leaders and experts from around the world. They share their experiences and valuable advice on different themes focusing on family business. It also provides a platform to reflect and share ideas as well as experiences among delegates.


Family Business Briefs

The Centre publishes a bi-monthly e-newsletter named Family Business Briefs. It is a knowledge dissemination platform that generates awareness about various aspects of family business. It communicates the implications of cutting-edge management research for family businesses and informs about the emerging trends in the field. 

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The Centre conducts workshops and participates in invited speaker sessions on various topics on family business. Some of the themes include, Successfully Managing Challenges in Family Businesses, Impact of Family Ownership on Firm Performance, Succession and Leadership in Family Business, and Building a Lasting Family Business. 


Speaker Series

The Centre also organizes speaker sessions with eminent personalities in the world of family business across both academia and industry. Previously, speakers have spoken on a wide variety of topics such as boardroom dynamics, inter-generational continuity of family businesses, creation of an innovative organizational culture and leadership of the family enterprise. 

Social Responsibility Initiative

The Centre has started engaging in social activities that greatly benefit the underprivileged and the poor.  Since 2016, the Centre, along with the CSR arm of the PGP class of ISB – the Net Impact Club, annually organises a Blood Donation Camp at our Hyderabad Campus. More than 100 members of the ISB community (staff and students) donate their blood in the camp, which is organized in collaboration with the Institute of Preventive Medicine (IPM) – Central Blood Bank, Hyderabad. The blood collected through this drive is used to serve the needs of patients that come from the poorest sections of the society.  The Centre aspires to initiate and be involved in more such activities in the future.

Family Business Blog

Every week the Centre publishes the Family Business Blog. It is an information diffusion platform that provides regular coverage of the latest news items, research and surveys on family businesses from across the world. It also features some of the recent media articles on family business management, governance or leadership development, which the family business community may find useful. The link to any media article authored/co-authored by the Centre’s team is also shared with the readers. The blog serves as a regular update and a weekly touch-point for the family business community connected with the Centre. 

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Students Family Business Forum

Several students of the ISB belong to business families. Some others are interested in working for family businesses. The Student Family Business Forum is a student initiative and supported by the Centre for undertaking discussion on a variety of topics.  The Centre also undertakes continuous engagements with students and alumni on various issues relevant to entrepreneurship and family-controlled businesses.

Alumni Network

Recognising the need to create a structural mechanism to share the knowledge on family business, and create positive action among family members, an alumni network has been created under the Chair. It is expected that several nodal groups that bring families together on this learning platform, will be formed.