One of the important goals of the Centre is to create awareness awareness and interest among business families on the need for proactively working on the potential challenges family businesses face.

Professors Kavil Ramachandran, Sougata Ray and Dr Nupur Pavan Bang conducted and / or spoke at various forums viz.,  KEMIN Industries, CII-TiE Kochi, PHD Chamber of Commerce, Entrepreneurs Organization-Nepal, Federation of Auto Dealers Association, Economic Times Family Business Forum, Pan India Booth Alumni Retreat, YPO,  Society of Entrepreneurship Educator and other organizations. Research team at the Centre also speaks at these forums.

The Centre also conducts master-class for prospective applicants to the MFAB programme on 'Next Generation in Family Business Challenges and Strategies' and 'Changing Landscape of Family Business and its Challenges.' These events educate the participants about various challenges family businesses face and focus on the need for structured training to build family business management capability.