RISE is a two-day marquee event of ISB’s Women in Business Club, featuring inspiring Global Leaders. We want to celebrate their journey and, through them, the journey of all those unsung women heroes who have overcome challenging obstacles in life at multiple levels with grit and determination. Inspiring future leaders who wish to create an impact in the world is the main purpose of this event.


At ISB, we believe in fostering a culture of inclusivity and equality in both letter and spirit. The Women in Business Club at ISB aims to promote women to bridge the gap between potential and opportunity and encourage its members to become leaders who can build organizations with inclusion and growth.

The Women in Business Club, ISB is at the forefront to mark the winds of change led by women leaders around the world. LeadHers of our time have fought all odds and helped redefine the paradigm at a social, community, or individual level. Through the lineup of events, we want to inspire the next generation of leaders to keep challenging the status quo and shoot for newer horizons by engaging in thought-provoking conversations and ground-breaking ideas with these trail-blazing personalities.

Theme of RISE 2021 - Celebrate. Challenge. Conquer.

Womxn (nope, that’s not a typo*) leaders have come a long way, and at this point, women are probably in a better position than ever before. The road so far has not been easy by any means and we have lots of reasons to celebrate!

2020 saw the first female Vice President of the United States, Ms. Kamala Harris. Dr. Emmanuelle Charpentier and Dr.Jennifer A. Doudna showed us the power of women in science by walking away with the Nobel prize in Chemistry - marking the first time in history that the prize has gone to two women. Dr Manabi Bandopadhyay also broke some serious barriers to become the first openly transgender Ph.D in West Bengal.

Despite great strides forward, women and girls across the world are still refused access to education and political participation. Even in the developed world, womxn are prevented from making deeply personal choices in their private lives and thousands battle everyday discrimination at home and the workplace. It’s time that we all choose to challenge the status quo.

Let’s come together as womxn and allies, and choose to break the patterns of injustice wherever we can. Come, let’s conquer!

Keynote Address

Ms. Anupama Chopra, an author, a film journalist and director of the MAMI Mumbai Film Festival is a blend of several talents. She has been associated with the Hindi film industry since 1993 when it was not even common for women to be involved in journalism, media and entertainment. All the Bollywood (including Sholay) fans, you just can’t miss this.

Ms. Astha Suri, CEO and founder of a green artisanal perfumery brand, NASO. She will take us through her journey as a woman entrepreneur.

Join us on 24th April at 12 PM on Zoom here:
Meeting ID: 940 5111 0684
Password: 263551

Gender through Diverse lens

Listen and interact with these amazing people have shattered the glass ceilings despite their different challenges they had to face in the world.

Join uson 24th April at 5:30 PM on Zoom  here:  https://ISB.zoom.us/j/98894867358

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Ms. Ira Singhal, IAS officer - The first differently-abled woman to top the civil services exam. She is one of the brand ambassadors for the Ministry of Women and Child Development & NITI Aayog and has won accolades such as India Today’s Woman of the Year 2015. She has been a speaker at more than 500 international and national conferences, industry forums, and universities. She has been working towards various social causes, including empowerment of women, the transgender community, and persons with disabilities. She is also the first person to give a job to a transgender person full-time employment in a government office in Delhi.

Ms. Amita Karadkhedkar, Vice President, Citi Bank India - An influential trans-woman, a seasoned technologist, and an Inclusion and Diversity evangelist. She is also a TEDx speaker and has addressed prestigious institutes and forums such as NASSCOM – 2018.  She is a change agent who is relentlessly working to create safe spaces for the marginalized communities at workplaces.

Ms. Aruna Dasari, Managing Director, Ananya GreenTech - A young inspiring Dalit Entrepreneur who started her own business Ananya GreenTech in 2015. Her firm is involved in recycling plastic scrap in an environment-friendly manner.  She has around three years of industrial experience in the field of plastics and has undergone training related to the plastic industry from reputed institutes. Her vision is to set up units to recycle pre-consumed plastic products and plant plastic waste to meet local and national demand.

Dreamers and Doers

Ask these founder boss women anything related to their entrepreneurial journeys, growing their brands, capturing the newest customer in the market and lots more. 

Join us on 25th April at 2 PM on Zoom here: https://ISB.zoom.us/j/97558036553

Meeting ID: 975 5803 6553

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Ms. Radhika Gulati, Rosarté: A Babson college graduate who turned her love for chocolates into an inspiring career and launched India's first courture chocolate brand.
You can find out more about Rosarté on their Instagram here and website here.

Ms. Sadhika Gupta, The Delhi Doodler: A freelance Calligraphy artist who has collaborated with Google, Jimmy Choo, LV, etc. You can more find out more about Ms. Sadhika Gupta’s work on her Instagram here and website here.  

Ms. Sayalee Marathe, Aadyaa: Aadya is a silver jewelery brand with an extensive online presence along with a studio in Pune.
You can more find out more about Aadyaa on their Instagram here and website here.  

Ms. Sujata and Ms. Taniya, Suta: These two sisters have become pioneers in Saree fashion by spreading the drape through Suta Bombay. You can more find out more about Suta on their Instagram here and website here.  

Live Challenge by Clan Earth

In collaboration with WAWE, we bring to you a live challenge by Clan Earth. Clan earth is an eco-sustainable brand handcrafting completely vegan and plastic-free backpacks, bags, and other carry accessories.

In the words of Priyanka Mandal, Founder, Clan Earth - “Our aim is to inspire our generation to become Earth Ambassadors, who are thoughtful about our home planet and who find fashion, style and a lifestyle which doesn’t have negative but a net positive impact on our planet and our vulnerable communities.​”

Their goal is to plant 1 million trees by 2030 and become India’s most impactful Social Enterprise while doing that. They aim to achieve that by planting five trees every time you choose to buy our eco-sustainable products.

Share your ideas on making the world a sustainable place for Clan Earth's founder Priyanka Mandal on 25th April at 3:30 PM. That’s all we can tell you for now.

 The post-pandemic world will be more equitable for women

In collaboration with ISB’s Debate SIG, we present a debate on “The post-pandemic world will be more equitable for women.”

It is time to speak up about the ever so controversial topics you might have been avoiding all your life. Be a sport and share your ideas. Great awards await you on 25th April at 6 PM!

Mischievous Ms. Srinivasan

In collaboration with ISB’s Stand-up comedy club, we present a session by Ms. Kajol Srinivasan.

Ever so unconventional engineer turned Stand-up comedian Ms. Kajol Srinivasan will be closing the RISE this year with a comedy act followed by QnA by audience. Ms. Kajol Srinivasan is a stand-up comedian known for her relatable, on-point tweets. She has set an example by following her passion by doing a career shift from engineering to art and creativity and showcased immense courage.


Anupama Chopra

Author, film journalist and director of the MAMI Mumbai Film Festival

Astha Suri

Founder and CEO, NASO

Amita Karadkhedkar

Vice President, Citi Bank India

Ira Singhal

IAS Officer, Brand Ambassador for Department of Disability

Aruna Dasari

Director, Ananya GreenTech

Sadhika Gupta

Founder, Delhi Doodler

Sujata Biswas and Taniya Biswas

             Founders, Suta Bombay                                                

Radhika Gulati

Founder, Rosarte

Sayalee Marathe

Founder, Aadya



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