Anita Dongre

A trailblazer, Anita Dongre has been at the forefront of Indian fashion for over 20 years, having created one of the most successful fashion houses in India which today employs over 2,500 people directly and provides employment opportunities to thousands more. Launched in 1995, born out of the need to create and cater to the fashion choices of an Indian woman at a time where not many brands existed, today the House of Anita Dongre proudly boasts of a multi-dimensional portfolio with brands such as AND (sophisticated formal and evening wear for women), Global Desi (India inspired young and colourful boho chic fashion for women), Anita Dongre Bridal Couture (offering luxury and artisanal bespoke bridal, couture and ready-to-wear) and Grassroot (everyday luxury brand). Anita Dongre couture and Grassroot work extensively with artisans and crafts all over the country.

A vegetarian and animal-lover, she lives her personal philosophy through conscious efforts as a fashion designer thereby designing sustainable, cruelty-free clothing and accessories, representing fashion with a conscience. Under the Anita Dongre Grassroot initiative, we have been able to revive various dying crafts in India with intelligent design intervention and create opportunities for hundreds of artisans in the rural villages of India in the comfort of their homes. Furthering Anita’s belief that employment should be taken back to the villages of India, currently the Anita Dongre foundation provides vocational training and sustained employment to six village centres comprising of 300 women and are on track to set up 30 centres in the next 2 years thereby impacting lives of over 1,500 women.

Nestled in the quaint hills of Navi Mumbai, the beautiful and green House of Anita Dongre headquarters has been ergonomically designed keeping the brand philosophy alive. Apart from optimising the use of natural light, various sustainable practices such as composting of waste, recycling water etc have been implemented. 

A connoisseur of craftsmanship, Anita Dongre’s designs showcase Indian aesthetics for the global woman of today, keeping comfort at its core. Internationally, her designs have been worn and appreciated by noteworthy women such as Kate Middleton, Hillary Clinton, Queen Mathilde of Belgium, Sophie Trudeau to name a few.

For Anita, the business of fashion should be conducted the way it was always meant to be—looking towards the future, practicing and building processes that are sustainable, respectful of the people involved and environmentally conscious.