Mr. Harish K. Kohli

President & Managing Director Acer India

Harish Kohli is an Acer India veteran who has been with the company since 1999. He is currently the President and Managing Director of Acer India, and comes with  a  proven  track  record  in  managing  diverse  industry  segments,  customer engagement  models  and  partnerships.  Harish  has  rich  experience  and  deep expertise that lies in Emerging Markets, Enterprise Business Models, Incubating New Operating models and talent acquisition. He is recognized as a respected mentor  and  coach,  having  groomed  many  individuals  and  teams  to  deliver outstanding  results.  During  his  tenure,  he  has  successfully  built  Acer  India’s portfolio in all market segments. Harish  became  the Managing  Director of  Acer  India  in December 2011 & was promoted to ‘President and Managing Director’ in May 2016. Since September 2016,  he  has  also  been  heading  the  Acer  ‘Pan  Asia  Pacific  (PAP)  Regional Commercial  Task  Team’  which  handles  commercial  strategy  planning  and implementation for the PAP region.  He has been instrumental in charting Acer’s business growth by laying a strong foundation across both Commercial and Consumer business.