Karan Singh

Managing Director, ACG

An organizational psychologist by education, Karan Singh is the Managing Director of ACG, a future-ready solutions provider to the pharma industry. In recent years, Karan has steered ACG from an Indian business into a world-renowned institution. Working with 60 of the top 100 global pharmaceutical and nutraceutical giants, Karan has been a leading proponent of adopting new technologies to help provide quality, safe and affordable medicines as well as to optimize and secure the supply chain. 

Passionate about converting ideas into growth opportunities, Karan takes a keen interest in creating entrepreneurial visions that solve real-world challenges. He is an investor and mentor to 35+ health-tech start-ups guiding strategy, technology, expertise, and network. Years of playing basketball as a point guard, drives his leadership, communication, and competitive spirit. This drive has also given birth to ACG-NBA Jump - a grassroots program that nurtures basketballers from India on global platforms. Karan serves on the ‘India Advisory Board’ for the India-Brazil Chamber of Commerce; Co-Chair for FICCI LAC Regional Council; honorary member of Indian Healthcare Angels; Advisor to Nasscom; and active contributor to the Global Lighthouse Network community of World Economic Forum.