Harish K. Kohli

President & MD, Acer India

Harish Kohli is an Acer India veteran who has been with the company since 1999. 

He is currently the President and Managing Director of Acer India and comes with a proven track record in managing diverse industry segments, customer engagement models and partnerships. Harish has rich experience and deep expertise that lies in Emerging Markets, Enterprise Business Models, Incubating 

New Operating models and talent acquisition. He is recognized as a respected mentor and coach, having groomed many individuals and teams to deliver outstanding results. During his tenure, he has successfully built Acer India’s portfolio in all market segments.

Harish became the Managing Director of Acer India in December 2011 & was promoted to ‘President and Managing Director’ in May 2016. Since September 2016, he has also been heading the Acer ‘Pan Asia Pacific (PAP) Regional Commercial Task Team’ which handles commercial strategy planning and implementation for the PAP region. 

Leading from the front he has been instrumental in charting Acer’s business growth by laying a strong foundation across both Commercial and Consumer business

Personally, and professionally, Harish Kohli has always been passionate about sustainable development and has initiated various CSR activities like sponsorships to over 4500 people in the field of health, livelihood, and education with Monetary Support. These initiatives included basic Computer Awareness programs, Telecom OFC Splicing, and School Health Programs, Physio treatment for the old and aged, and medical support to the visually impaired orphans and under-privileged children. He has always believed in bridging the gap between technology and people, hence using Acer’s vast technology knowhow and products to help children with visual impairment. To address this, the company has developed a specialized software called ‘Visionova’ for CVI patients, comprising both the software and hardware where technology helps break barriers to improve lives.

His work both at the professional and at the CSR level has won him many awards from leading industry bodies including Global Indian of The Year for 3 consecutive years by AsiaOne, Business Transformation Leader by World Leadership Council, Innovative Business Leader 2021 and more.

Harish is an avid reader and has a collection of great reads from across the globe. He enjoys autobiographies and inspiring real-life stories the most, where he feels a sense of self-enrichment when reading such books. Working in the technology industry for over 3 decades, he is also a strong believer that disconnecting from technology can give a different perspective to our lives. 

Spending time with family and friends is very important for him, and he credits his success to his wife and family’s support throughout his long career. Even with a long and distinguished career, Harish still feels young at heart and mind due to his passion for the tech industry and the exciting and endless opportunities it provides. He believes access to great technology is fundamental for development of the society and the economy. He is a big advocate of the power of technology to break barriers for people in their lives, and he is honored about his role at Acer India to be able to lead a talented workforce to serve our customers, to help them do more and achieve more with our products and services.