Mr. Tomohiro Koba, ISB & Mr. Shivansh Tyagi, CEO, Navigus

- It was my pleasure meeting with CEO Shivansh Tyagi, Navigus, edtech startup in Bangalore. As a foreigner in India, I’m strongly interested in the Indian startup culture and ecosystems which attract many international investors and companies. When I applied to shadow a CEO program, I was keen to know the leadership of a CEO in a startup and the effective process of creating the company culture. Apart from my academic learning experience in ISB, understanding the real business in the fast-growing company will help me think of my career plan and develop a future business in India. On Dec 23th, the experience I gained at Navigus exceeded expectations.

- During the first half of the program, I had a long conversation about the business environment with him, while exchanging the professional as well as personal experience. He gave me insightful and thoughtful stories to understand startups in India and careers as CEO. Then, in the second half of the day, I attended a staff meeting for developing the product of educational supports to customers. It was a great time to know the difference of the decision process, between Indian startups and Japanese large firms, which I used to work before ISB.

- With its startup background, Navigus creates a diverse and motivating environment in which individuals can challenge their limitations and maximize the value through the company. During my shadow a CEO program, I had a lot of chances to discuss with CEO Shivansh Tyagi and learn how a company creates a corporate culture to motivate people, realize its vision, and achieve its goal. The process that he created was not easy to grasp only for one day, but it gave me more insight into the business management of startups. It was impressive to know how Navigus has transformed a company's competency under the culture to create customer value. More importantly, I learned from him how important it is to learn myself deeply and pursue the goal that I want to do. Thank you very much for giving me a great experience, CEO Shivansh Tyagi, Navigus members, and shadow a CEO program.