Speaker Session by Jitendra Bajpai

Topic -Social and Environmental Issues in Infrastructure

Professor Jitendra Bajpai, Adjunct Faculty, Columbia University addressed 114 attendees on 16 Oct 2020.Infrastructure Management is about doing the right project and doing the project right. In India, there is a lot of focus on transport sector, railways and the power sector. There is likely to be a lot of investment in these areas. Prof Bajpai emphasized about the four dimensions for infrastructure sustainability: 1.Economic and financial sustainability 2.Social sustainability 3.Institutional sustainability 4.Environmental sustainability He stated that there should be a three-fold aim; to conserve resources, prevent harm and promote socio-environmental issues.

16 Oct 2020


Speaker Session by Akhilesh Srivastava

Topic-Digital Construaction Management

Mr.Akhilesh Srivastava, Chief General Manager (IT and Highway Operations) National Highway Authority of India) addressed 220 attendees on 1 Oct 2020. He spoke of various reasons behind cost overruns. He brought out that how, to overcome the challenges, Industry 4.0 can be utilized to ensure fusion of technologies in the physical, digital and biological spheres. The technologies that will impact the construction industry will be AI, virtual design and construction, 3D printing, drones and robots, intelligent construction material. He also spoke at length on how digital twins will change the world of infrastructure. He spoke about the initiatives by NHAI, especially the data lake and data warehouses, which are being talked about in the media.

01 Oct 2020


Speaker Session by O P Agarwal

Topic-India’s Urban Challenge

Dr. O P Agarwal spoke on the challenges in Indian Urban planning and provided a few innovative solutions. He spoke about the three basic generators of pollution in cities; construction, transport, and power generation, and provided insights on how urban planners can overcome them. His final say was that better governance and innovative planning by city planners can carry the day.

19 Sep 2020


Speaker Session by Mukesh Kumar

Topic-One Village, One Crop 

The talk was organized on the Topic ‘One Village, One Crop ‘by Mr. Mukesh Kumar from the Department of Fisheries (Government of India). He addressed the students of the Advanced Management Programme in Infrastructure.


Speaker Session by Jayanand Potdar 

Topic- Challenges Faced by the Real Estate Industry

Mr. Jayanand Potdar, President, Real Estate Development at Reliance Industries, is a veteran with over 30 years of experience in the power sector, infrastructure, and real estate. He addressed the students on 30 Nov 2019 for the challenges faced by the real estate industry in the country and the measures that a developer can explain to outsell the competition in a highly competitive market. Our students found his insights very thought-provoking.

30 Nov 2019


Speaker Session by Venkatesh Natarajan

Topic-Creation of a Digital Business

Mr. Venkatesh Natarajan, Chief Digital Officer & Senior Vice President, Ashok Leyland, spoke on "Creation of a Digital Busines" wherein he opined that "digital business" is the current business with a healthy mix of digital technologies, digital trends and new regulations on 29 Nov 2019. He also elaborated on how companies are migrating from selling products to selling complete solutions. He kept the audience engaged with examples from the environment and specific initiatives taken at Ashok Leyland.

29 Nov 2019


Speaker Session by Manu Kapoor

Topic-Sustainability in Textiles 

Mr. Manu Kapoor, CEO Textiles Division, GHCL, talked of the essence of sustainability in textiles on 26 Nov 2019, the second most polluting industry, with a 10% global carbon footprint. He spoke about how responsible production can overcome obstacles to sustainability; and how circularity in hybrid fabrics is becoming the new mantra. Both talks compelled the students to think hard about the futuristic trends in manufacturing.

26 Nov 2019


Speaker Session by Harish Chavan

Topic-Essence of Simplicity on the Shop Floor and in Our Daily lives

Mr. Harish Chavan, CEO, Swaraj Division, Mahindra & Mahindra, spoke of the essence of simplicity on the shop floor and in our daily lives on 26 Nov 2019. The quotes, ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’ and "Great Leaders are almost always simplifiers"summarised the essence of his talk. He quotedout Apple's phone single button that has the most complicated design behind the screen.

26 Nov 2019


Speaker Session by H.E. Marten van den Berg

Topic-Change Management

H.E. Marten van den Berg, the Dutch Ambassador to India visited the Hyderabad campus and interacted with the students of AMPI on 2 May 2019. Besides discussing the Indo-Holland relationships he made an interesting take on "Change Management".

20 May 2019


Speaker Session by Anil V Parab

Topic -Evolution of Manufacturing & Operations and Industry 4.0

Mr. Anil V Parab, Executive Vice President (Heavy Engineering and Nuclear) Larsen & Toubro addressed the students of the Advanced Management Program for Infrastructure on 2 May 2019, at Hyderabad campus. Mr. Parab talked about the evolution of manufacturing & operations and Industry 4.0 and the method by which India plans to have the contribution of manufacturing to be $1 Tn by 2024.

02 May 2019


Speaker Session by Nagendra Nath Sinha

Topic-Use of Technology in Road Infrastructure

Mr. Nagendra Nath Sinha, Chairman, National Highway Authority of India, addressed the students of the Advanced Management Program for Infrastructure and Advanced Management Program for Manufacturing & Operations and Advanced Management Programme for Infrastructure on 27 Apr 2019, at Hyderabad campus. Mr.Sinha explained the use of technology in road infrastructure today and brought out how Bharatmala will bring down logistics costs by 8%.

27 Apr 2019


Speaker Session by Atul Sobti

Topic-The Strategy of  "Survive, Revive and Thrive"

Mr. Atul Sobti ,Director General, Standing Conference of Public Enterprises. He addressed the students of the Advanced Management Program for Infrastructure. Mr. Sobti emphasized on the strategy of ‘Survive, Revive and Thrive’. It is this strategy that has enabled BHEL to achieve a turnaround for the company as it became profitable in 2016-17 after four years of continuous negative growth. The turnover per employee increased by 25% in the last three years.

20 Apr 2019


Speaker Session by JM Balamurugan

Topic-Infrastructure Space

Mr. JM Balamurugan, Secretary to Governor Punjab had delivered the lecture on Infrastructure Sector and interacted with the participants at the Mohali campus. Mr. Balamurugan had share the vast experience in the Infrastructure space on 18 Jul 2018.

18 Jul 2018


Speaker Session by Vijay Sethi

Topic-Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Industry

Mr. Vijay Sethi, Chief Information Officer, Head Human Resources and Head Corporate Social Responsibility, Hero MotoCorp Ltd delivered a talk on "Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Industry". This session covered what is Industry 4.0, what are the technologies that can make cyber-physical systems work, what issues manufacturing companies can face in their journey of digital transformation, what are the key learnings from some successful transformation initiatives.

28 Apr 2018


Speaker Session by Sir Simon McDonald

Topic-The Future of India-UK Relations

Mr. Simon McDonald,KCMG KCVO, Permanent Undersecretary and Head of the Diplomatic Service, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, UK spoke on the topic "The Future of India-UK relations" on 23 Apr 2018 at the Mohali Campus. He discussed the impact of Brexit on Britain as a whole and on the India-UK cooperation.

23 Apr 2018


Speaker Session by Ravi Kirpalani

Topic-Growth Opportunities in India

The talk was organized on "Growth Opportunities in India" ,by Mr. Ravi Kirpalani, Managing Director & CEO, ThyssenKrupp. He addressed the students of the Advanced Management Programme in Infrastructure on 23 Apr 2018 at Mohali campus. He talked about key growth opportunities in India and provided some learnings and takeaways on leadership.

23 Apr 2018


Speaker Session by Gaurav Agarwal

Topic-Internet Security Threat 

The session was organized on "Cyber-security for the Cloud Generation"by Mr. Gaurav Agarwal, CEO, Karaikal Port. He addressed the students of AMPI and AMPMO on 21 Apr 2018.He addressed issues like sharing global findings of Internet security threat report 2018;Risks of use of Mobile and Public Networks and how to secure the same;Offering Enterprise Security when access is not through office networks.

21 Apr 2018