Programme Overview

AMPI is a rigorous and challenging programme. It is designed as a 12-month, part-time programme, delivered in a blended learning format that minimizes disruption at work and encourages personal pursuits.

  •  Classroom Learning: The programme starts with an orientation residency of one day, and classroom learning is delivered through four residencies of nine days each, once every quarter. Each residency day will include eight hours of teaching and evenings will be used for co-curricular engagements. Participants will be required to stay on campus during these residencies.


  •  Online Learning: An online interactive technology platform will be used to keep participants engaged in learning while they are not on campus. The platform will be used to deliver courses and tutorials, and to interact with the participants.


  • Self-Study: Participants are expected to spend eight to ten hours per week studying pre-reading material before classes each term. The pre-course reading materials, which will be in the form of textbooks, cases, articles, etc., will be made available to all participants in advance through a learning management system.