Ajay Mann (Co 2019)

Deputy Manager at Engineers India Limited.


“AMPI has equipped us to handle complex responsibilities and leadership skills to drive any project in our life. AMPI has harnessed great insights into infrastructure, buoyancy to drive innovation and change management, and a spirit to understand the transformation. The ISB pedagogy encourages questioning the biases, exploring diverse opinions, and adopting new behaviors in personal and professional life. The unique ISB experience is truly engaging, participative, and collective learning; AMPI blends the cross-functional perspectives of different domains to give a holistic and profound vision."


Dr. Rajesh Lanka (Co 2017)

Director of Business Administration at KCPL.


AMPI the programme has opened the gates to new knowledge arenas and equipped me with a new set of success tools. It was a great honour to have spent time with the most renowned teaching personalities in the world. I have benefited being part of this prestigious programme and it is no exaggeration to say that, experiencing ISB is an important milestone in my career.


Manoj Mamgaine (Co 2017)

Project Director, Punj Lloyd Ltd.


AMPI the course is a great initiative put forward by the institute to accomplish its objectives. The course designed is best suited for working professionals. It’s a great opportunity to fine-tune experience and knowledge. Learning is a continuous process, and ISB is par excellence for providing these learning tools. I am proud to be a part of this course and since I am 50 year old and wish I could have done it earlier. Nevertheless, I am enjoying the course with world-class faculty and in a campus probably best in India.


Kamal Prajapati (Co 2017)

Senior Manager (QS & CONTRACTS), Soma Isolux Pvt Ltd.


If you are stuck in a career, if you think leaders cannot be made, if you think you can change the world, try AMPI. Infrastructure projects stuck in the mud; it is a perfect time to utilize the spare time. A perfect blend of Management with Infrastructure background leading with basics of finance, economics, and dealing with more complex issues of socio environment, sustainability, legality, global infrastructure.


Lieutenant Commander Md. Usman(Retd.) (Co 2017)

Vice President in BS Group of Companies.


If you are getting ready for different kinds of battlefield, say, for example, A CAREER IN CORPORATE WORLD then for all the Defence officers, who are already into the infrastructure industry like telecom, power, shipyards, airports this is a course which will equip you with qualifications needed for the second career. Participants will be introduced to contemporary business models and practices to develop competence in Infrastructure management.


Anish Chopra (Co 2017)

Co-Founder & C.E.O, Green-i Technologies.


This course has provided a paradigm shift in my understanding of the management and infrastructure sector. It has strengthened me as an entrepreneur. Moreover, ISB's phenomenal brand combined with this course has enhanced my credibility and brand image, which has positively impacted the company which I have incorporated. I strongly recommend the Leadership Program in Infrastructure Management (AMPI) to all senior management personnel in the infrastructure space.


Ravivuppala (Co 2017)

Senior Manager(Projects), NTPC.


Think like a CEO… An impressive approach designed by ISB to transform an experienced professional into an industry leader. Understanding various problems by studying case studies across different infra projects enlightened us on the risk-taking behavior of a CEO. Understanding economics in the business scenario made us think about spreading the organization across length and width. Taught us how to be a CEO a learn to balance society, environment, and progress.


Rajesh Reddy Paleti (Co 2017)

Managing Director at Octalex Infra Private Limited.


I'm very thankful to the Indian School of Business for providing me insights into the infrastructure management, strategies, finance, and other core skills. I can now apply the learnings to my own innovation and entrepreneurship course. The programme has also offered me an invaluable business network opportunity with fellow participants, as well as the teamwork and leadership skills from which I hope to draw upon in the years ahead. Thanks, ISB-AMPI!


D. Soma Sundar (Co 2017)

Sr. Manager Credit at Tata Cleantech Capital Limited.


ISB-AMPI program is a platform that elevates you to the next level in the infrastructure sector. I have hugely benefited from the profound faculty who have come from all across the globe. The programme is an amalgamation of fundamentals and detailed industry experience brought together by faculty and experienced students who were participating in the programme.


Anil Dixit (Co 2018)

Regional officer(AP), NHAI.


The Course is extremely well designed and through its best-in-class faculty offered relevant exposure to various aspects of leadership and infrastructure management. Some of the benefits I have experienced are: increased awareness of social and environmental impacts of infra projects, enhanced organizational efficiency, Application of principals of finance and economics, ability to foresee and mitigate risks, successfully manage partnerships while implementing PPP Projects, and clear understanding of stake-holders requirements.


Shakeb Rao (Co 2017)

Manager-Transaction Advisory (JLL, fortune 500 Real Estate Consultancy).


This is purely a "leadership program" with a core objective to help develop next-generation leaders with Multidisciplinary Skills. This Programme has expanded my horizons towards the sector. It has helped me get an insight into the framework and strategies around Infra Finance, Project Management, PPP, Contracts, etc. It has also exposed me to real-time case studies and global challenges around policy framework and PPP. This programme is highly recommended for any Real Estate professional looking forward to a Leadership role. Cheers.