Speaker Session by Mr P. Srinivasa Reddy

Topic: Customer Value Management

Mr. Reddy spoke on Customer Value Management (CVM) based on his invaluable experience in Jamipol Ltd, a Tata Company. The fusion of expertise between suppliers and customers culminates into a wellspring of knowledge, channelling the essence of customer requisites into a potent catalyst for value creation. The speaker's 34-year tenure within the steel industry cast a luminous backdrop, underscoring the real-world applicability of the insights shared. A captivated student body found themselves enriched by this course, recognizing the profound value it encapsulated. The guest lecture, an enlightening engagement woven with insights, seamlessly transitioned into an interactive Q&A session, resonating harmoniously with the receptive students.

02 Jul 2023


Speaker Session by Mr. Ajay Arora

Topic: Leadership through Physical wellbeing

Mr. Ajay Arora, Vice-President of Strategic Planning, with Penchant for Performance Marathon- Runner & Coach; Public Speaker & Scholar for Life conducted a session on physical well-being for the students. The session was organized on 5th July 2023 at the Hyderabad campus. He emphasized the ways to get physically active by overcoming internal resistance. He conducted a practical session the next day with tips on running and exercising, which the students much enjoyed. The talk has motivated many students to change their sedentary lifestyle and adopt best leadership practices

05 Jul 2023


Speaker Session by Mr P. Srinivasa Reddy

Topic: Customer Value Management

Mr Prasad spoke at length about Customer Value Management. He stated that while customer centricity is valuable, collaboration is the key to harnessing value in the supply chain. There is a need for a better understanding of Customer requirements by suppliers and supplier capabilities by customers. Suppliers and customers can be a source of knowledge, and understanding customer requirements can lead to immense value creation. His experience of 34 years in the steel industry was evident, and the students found the talk of immense value

02 Sep 2022


Speaker Session by Mr. Venkatesh Natrajan

Topic: Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing / Automobiles

Mr. Venkatesh Natarajan, ex-Chief Digital Officer, Ashok Leyland Limited, spoke to the students of AMPOS in Hyderabad. He kept the students en-gaged with thought-provoking use cases of Ashok Leyland that employed digital technologies to generate immense business value. He spoke at length on the ‘definition of AI technology as we understand it,’ ‘drivers of AI technology in the automobile industry,’ ‘AI use cases powering the organisation’s vision and ‘best prac-tices employing AI.’ The session generated many questions, especially about data security and cyber crimes. The students highly appreciated the session.

28 Aug 2022


Speaker Session by Mr. Praveen Pardeshi

Topic: Labour Laws

Shri Praveen Pardeshi, Member, Capacity Building Commission, talked to a packed house of # AMPOS students and student executives of the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship #MSDE. Amongst many thought-provoking ideas shared by him, three powerful statements stand out: Countries are rich or poor due to their institutions (these are the ‘rules of the game’, not organisations). Labour laws are one set of institutions, and things change only if the rules of the game change Bring down the price of labour to its abundance value, a failproof recipe for a labour surplus country like India. There is an urgent need to tweak the labour laws to tap the labour market Forge partnerships with opposing forces before they become opponents; it’s a sure-fire way to push reforms.

12 May 2022


Speaker Session by Mr. Vijay Sethi

Topic: How Digital Technologies are changing industries

Mr Vijay Sethi, talked on ‘How Digital Technologies are changing industries’. He discussed aspects of the ways technologies are shaping all aspects of our lives. He spoke at length and provided overview of technologies like blockchain, digital twins, AR/VR, robotics, quantum technology, 3D printing, see and spray technologies, AR/VR, 5G etc (258 KB) in the automotive, pharma, healthcare and infrastructure industries.

10 Dec 2021


Faculty Session by Professor Subodha Kumar

Topic: Emerging Business Analytics Issues Across Different Domains And Related Research Directions

Professor Subodha Kumar spoke on the future of big data and stated that once we get data, we need to know how to make better business decisions. Business analytics covers different domains to enable decision making. Today, business analytics covers omnichannel retailing, social media, health care, digital advertisements, IT, supply chains, and sustainability. Professor Kumar showcased the use of blockchain in transforming issues like cold-chain monitoring and smart contracts. He emphasized that for blockchain to be useful, it has to be done by a top-down approach for implementation. He discussed the recent research by ISB’s Advanced Management Program students in areas of decision analytics (Diabetic foot and Disease Prediction as use cases) in solving big problems of the world.

29 Nov 2020


Admission Information Session by Professor Chandan Chowdhury

Topic: Takeaways from the Advanced Management Programme for Manufacturing & Operations

Professor Chandan Chowdhury welcomed the attendees and wished them a safe and secure living in the COVID era. He started the talk with brief exposure to the impact of COVID-19 on manufacturing and the challenges faced by the manufacturing companies. He followed up with the details of the AMPMO and the calendar for the Co2021. He then spoke of the curriculum and the subjects covered in the four residencies. He described the action learning projects that enable students to apply their classroom learnings to real-life problems. He opened up for Q&A and explained the nitty-gritty of the program to the potential students.

05 Nov 2020


Speaker Session by Mr Rajesh Dhuddu

Topic: Blockchain in Supply Chain and Infrastructure

Mr Rajesh Dhuddu, VP and Practice Leader, Blockchain and Cyber Security, Tech Mahindra, interacted with students of the advanced management programme. He spoke about the use cases of blockchain in supply chain and Infrastructure and explained the methodology for adapting blockchain in any company.

10 Dec 2021


Speaker Session by Mr. Venkatesh Natarajan

Topic: Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in the Manufacturing Sector

Mr Venkatesh Natarajan, President-IT and Chief Digital Officer, Ashok Leyland spoke on ‘Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in the Manufacturing Sector'. The talk was well-received. Mr Natarajan spoke of use cases of AI in Ashok Leyland and the methodology adopted to incorporate an inclusive trend of technology awareness in the company.

23 Oct 2021


Faculty Session by Professor Pratap Sundar

Topic: Tesla’s Innovation Capital

Professor Pratap Sundar started his masterclass by explaining the four types of innovation: Continuous Improvement (CI), Process Revolution, Product/Service Innovation, and Strategic Innovation. These four types of innovation strategies have different risk levels based on three factors: Expense of Single Experiment, Length of Each Experiment, and Ambiguity of Results. He explained how Tesla has been in the forefront of innovation in all four types. But ‘innovation’ is only one factor among four factors of ‘innovation capital.’ Only about 40% of innovative products succeed commercially. This is partly due to lack of innovation capital. Innovation capital is the ability to win support from stakeholders (Investors, bosses, partners, customers, etc.). Business leaders with innovation capital can attract the resources needed for innovation to flourish. Tesla's Elon Musk has focused his energies on all these four dimensions and pioneered the success of Tesla, which has become the most valuable automotive company in the world in just 18 years. Pratap explained that Tesla's innovation strategy is not something new, but a hundred-year-old, based on Thomas Edison's model of entrepreneurship in building ecosystems to practicalize light bulb usage by the public.

12 Dec 2021


Faculty Session by Professor Subodha Kumar

Topic: Blockchain and its uses

Professor Subodha Kumar took an online session on emerging business analytics trends for the potential students of the Advanced Management Programme in Operations and Supply Chain. The session evoked a healthy response with 120 attendees. Professor Subodha spoke of his research on blockchain and its use cases in various domains like healthcare, supply chain, manufacturing, cyber security and finance. He brought out that blockchain is likely to be a disruptive technology in the coming times. He also spoke of the Business Analytics program that he conducts at ISB, and how he incorporates his research findings/outcomes in the curriculum of the program. A current student of the program, Ms Rashmit Kaur, also spoke briefly to showcase how her learning from the course has been leveraged in her day to day business challenges. The session ended with a Q&A session.

22 Oct 2021


Speaker Session by Mr. Pankaj Mehta

Topic:Supply Chain of Perishable Commodities

Mr. Pankaj Mehta, Chairman and Managing Director of Carrier Transicold India and South Asia, gave a talk for the AMPMO cohort. He spoke on the topic ‘Supply Chain of Perishable Commodities’. Food waste impacts food security, and we should put in efforts towards reducing it. He stated that poor transportation and lack of infrastructure facilities are the most significant causes for wastages. He emphasised the need for healthy, safe and sustainable supply chains. He appreciated the previous study done by MIGM for Carrier on Perishable Supply Chains.

24 Jul 2021


Speaker Session by Mr. Akhilesh Srivastava

Topic: Digitalisation of Indian Infrastructure

Mr. Akhilesh Srivastava, Chief General Manager (IT & Highway Operations) at NHAI, gave an inspiring talk on Digitisation of Indian Infrastructure to the combined class of AMPMO and AMPI Co2021 on 04 Feb 2021. He spoke of the impact of digitalisation on the productivity and efficiency of infrastructure projects in the country. He gave particular emphasis to two key initiatives of NHAI, they being the Fastag and the NHAI Data Lake. The Fastag has enabled a seamless traffic movement on national highways and a transparent collection of toll taxes. The data lake provides end-to-end data-based information on ongoing and completed projects, reducing delays in projects. His talk was appreciated a lot by the students.

04 Feb 2021


Speaker Session by Sri Roopak Sharma

Topic : Jiritsu-ka in Operations

Sri Roopak Sharma, Senior Vice President (Marketing & Business Development), Motherson Automotive Technologies & Engineering (MATE) gave a brief overview of MATE that specialises in full-system solutions provider and caters to a diverse range of customers in the automotive and other industries. Motherson Group supports its customers through its 270 facilities operating in 41 countries in six continents. Jiritsu-ka is a Japanese word that means self-reliance. Self-reliance means “the quality of not needing help or support from other people. Or the ability to depend on yourself or your own abilities.” He opened his inspiring talk with a quote from Swamy Vivekananda “Arise, Awake, Stop Not Till the Goal is Reached.” Drawing from Swamy Vivekananda’s teaching he explained the three great powers within us (Concentration, Power of making decisions, Power of unselfishness). He explained the five levels of self-reliance as applied to operations in Motherson factories, following the principles of Toyota Way. He elucidated the “Ohbeya Way” of project management that is practiced at all MATE factories. By practicing Jirutsu-ka, Motherson excelled in all dimensions of business. In the conclusion of his talk, he shared the achievements of Motherson in winning customer trust, best self-reliant supplier award, and Toyota Global Award. Students were highly inspired by his talk that is reflected in their chat and Q&A.

30 Jan 2021


Faculty Session by Professor Pratap Sundar

Topic: Digital Supply Chain Management

Professor Pratap Sundar commenced his masterclass with the changes due to new technologies in the traditional supply chain leading to the digital supply chain. The traditional supply chain executes all the activities associated with the flow and transformation of goods from raw materials to the customers usually with a typical ERP system. Recent technologies of Industry 4.0 have been transforming the supply chain architecture ushering “Supply Chain 4.0,” a synonym of the “Digital Supply Chain.” This revolutionary concept has been reshaping how all stakeholders (Suppliers, Manufacturers, Transporters, Warehouses, Retailers, Customers) of the supply chain are working to fulfill the customer needs and expectations with improved efficiency and reduced costs. The webinar covered the topics such as “Framework for Supply Chain 4.0,” “Digital Continuity,” “New Technologies for the Digital Supply Chain,” “Benefits of the Digital Supply Chain,” and “An example of a Robust Supply Chain in Nature.”

26 Dec 2020


Faculty Session by Professor Pratap Sundar

Topic: Simplification Before Automation

Professor Pratap Sundar commenced his masterclass with the ESSA methodology (Eliminate, Simplify, Standardise, then Automate). He emphasised that simplification should be preceded by the elimination of waste and succeeded by standardisation. He brought out that design has an immense influence on the final product, and the simpler the design, the less complicated the supply chain. He spoke of a few essential tools for product design, such as DFX, Axiomatic Design, and Design Structure Matrix. He elaborated upon the lean office work analysis framework and its strategies to make service processes simple.

20 Nov 2020


Speaker Session by Krishna Bodanapu

Topic: Digital Disruption in the post-COVID world - Opportunities & Risks

Mr. Krishna Bodanapu, Managing Director & CEO, Cyient digitally addressed the participants. He opined that the disruption caused by the pandemic has required the manufacturing sector to adapt technology in manufacturing quickly and efficiently. Mr. Bodanapu has been very passionate about such technologies. He feels it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to adapt technologies, and the digital is the new normal. It has permeated all sectors of life and is impacting every industry. That is where the opportunity lies.

30 Oct 2020


Faculty Session by Professor Ajay Das

Topic: Quality Disconnect And It's Impact On Performance

Professor Ajay Das spoke of the dissonance between the managers and workers on the shop floor, leading to an impact on production. He studied why quality disconnect happens by analyzing the worker's perception and management perception. It often happens that management feels they are doing a great job, while the workers don’t.

14 Oct 2020


Faculty Session by Professor Pratap Sundar

Topic: Digital Supply Chain

Professor Sundar explained the meaning of digital continuity related to the flow of material, the flow of data, and the flow of financial transactions. Digital continuity impacts turnaround time in logistics enables checking on the flow of the product information and the sequence of loading of products. He also spoke about how digital supply chains, big data, and analytics go hand in hand.

04 Oct 2020


Faculty Session by Professor A J Chauradia

Topic: Human Capital Investment in the Airline Industry

Professor A J Chauradia talked about the new approach to talent management. A winning employee value proposition is as important as the customer value proposition. He also emphasized that strategy is a deliberately emergent process that is a part of the natural process of organisations. It needs a clear direction, should be easily communicated and emergent. In the airline industry, creative destruction can lead to competitive advantage and enhanced firm performance. The talk ended with some interesting questions on the future of the airline industry in the post-COVID era and the skills that employees need to develop to remain relevant.

23 Sep 2020


Speaker Session by O P Agarwal

Topic: India's Urban Challenge

Dr. O P Agarwal spoke of the challenges in Indian Urban planning and provided a few innovative solutions. He spoke about the three basic generators of pollution in cities, construction, transport, and power generation. He provided insights on how urban planners can overcome them. His final say was that better governance and innovative planning by city planners can carry the day.

19 Sep 2020


Speaker Session by Sanjiv Puri

Topic: Doing Business in COVID- 19 Era

Mr. Sanjiv Puri, Chairman and Managing Director, ITC Limited spoke on "Doing Business in COVID- 19 Era". He addressed the Advanced Management Programme participants and ISB staff. It is now important for corporates to be passionate and pursue the policy of triple capital: economic, environmental, and social capital. One has to go beyond shareholder value to social value. 1. Customers will become more demanding 2. ESG companies hold the future (Environmental, Social, and Governance oriented companies)

13 Sep 2020


Speaker Session by Jayanand Potdar 

Topic: Challenges Faced by the Real Estate Industry

Mr. Jayanand Potdar, President, Real Estate Development at Reliance Industries, is a veteran with over 30 years of experience in the power sector, infrastructure, and real estate. He spoke of the challenges faced by the real estate industry in the country and the measures that a developer can explain to outsell the competition in a highly competitive market. Our students found his insights very thought-provoking. He gave this talk at the Mohali campus.

30 Nov 2019


Speaker Session by Venkatesh Natarajan

Topic: Creation of a Digital Business

Mr. Venkatesh Natarajan, Chief Digital Officer & Senior Vice President, Ashok Leyland, spoke on "Creation of a Digital Business". He opined that "digital business" is the current business with a healthy mix of digital technologies, digital trends and new regulations. He also elaborated on how companies are migrating from selling products to selling complete solutions. He kept the audience engaged with examples from the environment and specific initiatives taken at Ashok Leyland.

29 Nov 2019


Speaker Session by Harish Chavan

Topic: Essence Of Simplicity On The Shop Floor And In Our Daily Lives

Mr. Harish Chavan, CEO, Swaraj Division, Mahindra & Mahindra, spoke of the essence of simplicity on the shop floor and in our daily lives. He addressed the participants on Nov 25, 2019. The quotes, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" and "Great Leaders are almost always simplifiers" summarised the essence of his talk. He quoted Apple's phone single button example that has the most complicated design behind the screen.

25 Nov 2019


Speaker Session by H.E. Marten van den Berg

Topic: Change Management

H.E. Marten van den Berg, the Dutch Ambassador to India visited the Hyderabad campus and interacted with the students of the Advanced Management Programme for Manufacturing & Operations. Besides discussing the Indo-Holland relationships he made an interesting take on "Change Management".

02 May 2019


Speaker Session by Anil V Parab

Topic: Evolution of Manufacturing & Operations and Industry 4.0

Mr. Anil V Parab, Executive Vice President (Heavy Engineering and Nuclear) Larsen & Toubro addressed the students of the Advanced Management Program for Manufacturing & Operations at the Hyderabad campus. Mr. Parab talked about the evolution of manufacturing & operations and Industry 4.0 and the method by which India plans to have the contribution of manufacturing to be $1 Tn by 2024.

02 May 2019


Speaker Session by Atul Sobti

Topic: Strategy of  '‘Survive, Revive and Thrive''

Mr. Atul Sobti, Director General of Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE) addressed the students of the Advanced Management Programme for Manufacturing & Operations at Hyderabad Campus. Mr. Sobti emphasized on the strategy of '‘Survive, Revive and Thrive’'. It is this strategy that has enabled BHEL to achieve a turnaround for the company as it became profitable in 2016-17 after four years of continuous negative growth. The turnover per employee increased by 25% in the last three years.

01 May 2019


Speaker Session by Nagendra Nath Sinha

Topic: Use Of Technology In Road Infrastructure

Mr. Nagendra Nath Sinha, Chairman, National Highway Authority of India, addressed the students of the Advanced Management Program for Manufacturing & Operations & Advanced Management Programme for Infrastructure at the Hyderabad campus. Mr. Sinha explained the use of technology in road infrastructure today and brought out how Bharatmala will bring down logistics costs by 8%.

27 Apr 2019


Speaker Session by Vijay Sethi

Topic: Digital Transformation In Manufacturing Industry

Mr. Vijay Sethi, Chief Information Officer, Head Human Resources, and Head Corporate Social Responsibility, Hero MotoCorp Ltd delivered a talk on ‘Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Industry’. This session covered what is Industry 4.0, what are the technologies that can make cyber-physical systems work, what issues manufacturing companies can face in their journey of digital transformation, what are the key learnings from some successful transformation initiatives.

28 Apr 2018


Speaker Session by Sir Simon McDonald

Topic: The Future of India-UK Relations

Mr. Simon McDonald, KCMG KCVO, Permanent Undersecretary and Head of the Diplomatic Service, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, UK spoke on the topic '‘The Future of India-UK relations'’ at the Mohali Campus. He discussed the impact of Brexit on Britain as a whole and on the India-UK cooperation.

23 Apr 2018


Speaker Session by Ravi Kirpalani

Topic: Growth Opportunities in India

The talk was organized on ''Growth Opportunities in India'', by Mr. Ravi Kirpalani, Managing Director & CEO, ThyssenKrupp. He addressed the students of the Advanced Management Programme for Manufacturing & Operations at the Mohali campus. He talked about key growth opportunities in India and provided some learnings and takeaways on leadership.

23 Apr 2018


Speaker Session by Gaurav Agarwal

Topic: Cyber-security For The Cloud Generation

The session was organized on "Cyber-security for the Cloud Generation" by Mr. Gaurav Agarwal, CEO, Karaikal Port. He addressed the students of AMPMO & AMPI. He addressed issues like sharing global findings of Internet security threat report 2018; Risks of use of Mobile and Public Networks and how to secure the same; Offering Enterprise Security when access is not through office networks.

21 Apr 2018