The Advanced Management Programme in Public Policy (AMPPP) is the flagship programme of Bharti Institute of Public Policy and has been developed at the Indian Scool of Business in consultation with one of the world’s leading public policy schools-- The Fletcher School, Tufts University, USA.

Bharti Institute of Public Policy

Bharti Institute of Public Policy aims to lead education and research in the domain of public policy. An autonomous think tank under the Indian School of Business, Bharti Institute works on policy challenges across diverse domains, primarily-- agriculture and food, environment, education, finance, governance and digital identity, with multiple stakeholders in public and private sectors, and is engaged with various state governments for policy research frameworks. 


  • For: Mid-career and senior-level professionals
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Location: Hyderabad and Mohali

The AMPPP is designed specifically to address the needs of mid-career and senior-level professionals with at least five years of experience in, but not limited to, the following sectors: All India Civil Services; State Government Officials; Public Sector Officials; Multilateral agencies (UN, World Bank, ADB etc); Embassy personnel; Non-Government Organisations (Indian and International); Think Tanks; Entrepreneurs; Consulting firms; Senior Industry Executives; Media professionals, and more. For senior professionals, AMPPP not only provides an opportunity to pause and upskill, but also make sense of the dynamism around in a transforming world. The course aims to refine the depth and width of public policy wisdom through three-fold interactions with faculty experts, diverse group of peers, and policy makers, practitioners from India and abroad. The batch 2022-2023 comes with a 32% diversity quotient and 15 years of average experience spanning across multiple sectors.


Civil Services


Private Sector







AMPPP provides an unparalleled and wholesome learning experience to delve into public policy nuances, and gain a wider understanding of issues which impact business and society. The course’s unique design and pedagogy enables a three-fold learning framework, fetching insights from:

  • Faculty experts at ISB and renowned policy practitioners & formulators

In-depth communication, formal classroom sessions, and interactions over a cup of tea with eminent policymakers, influencers of public policy, and subject matter experts – the foremost way to comprehend, explore and thrive into the domain of public policy

  • Peers from diverse sectors and ISB alumni network

The fellow participants bring in diversity and depth of experiences which span across multiple segments, infusing a valuable variety, dynamism and inclusiveness in the programme design. At ISB, an AMPPP cohort gets further connected to the vast alumni community across the School’s coveted management and executive education programmes.

  • Experiential and research-driven andragogical learning

Team-building activities, in-class projects, group discussions, simulation learning, role plays, case studies, research poster presentations contribute to enhancing the understanding of complex issues and bring to forefront new perspectives. This is enriched through a modular design consisting of balanced pre-sessions, virtual and in-person engagements, guest lectures, and special visits. 

All this, amid staying at ISB’s awe-inspiring beautiful campuses at Mohali and Hyderabad! From early morning strolls among peacocks at campus gardens, to attending sessions in classrooms with state-of-the art infrastructure, from evening tea-breaks at Atrium to exploring world-class information resources at LRC, the ISB campuses lend a grandiose touch to the programme residencies. Know more about the AMPPP experience through glimpses of Residency times; Policy Walks, group visits, special sessions etc, below. 


Kanika Pal, South Asia Head, Community Investments and Sustainability Programmes, by Hindustan Unilever

Vamsimohan Vallabhaneni, Member of Legislative Assembly, Andhra Pradesh

Rajiv Banerjee, Senior Vice President and Vertical Head, Corporate Communication, HDFC Bank


Applicants to Advanced Management Programme in Public Policy are both from the Public Sector and Private Sector. We at the school generate ideas and bring them into the classroom, where we train the next generation of leaders for public service. We also test our ideas in practice. Our faculty is engaged in the affairs of the world, shaping public policy, advising governments, and running major non-profit organisations.

Tuition Fees

Total Fee: INR 13,86,000 + GST**

Tuition Fee covers:

  • Course Material
  • Faculty Costs
  • Guest Speakers
  • Student Accommodation and Meals
  •  Technology -Assisted Learning component of the Course
  • Gala Dinner & Events
  • Policy Paper

Note: Tuition Fee does not include Travel & Local Conveyance


ISB, Hyderabad & Mohali Campus


Upcoming Application Deadline- 27th January, 2023


Core Faculty

Consistent with ISB’s portfolio model, the faculty for this programme are drawn from the pool of highly accomplished ISB resident faculty, faculty from the Fletcher School and other leading schools, eminent policy makers and practitioners. It’s an eclectic mix of distinguished professionals in their respective fields who bring in their experience and perspective to the classroom and make it a dynamic, rooted in real-time learning experience.

Guest Speakers

ISB has enduring relationships with some of India’s most renowned leaders in public policy, governance and business—many of whom are invited to speak during AMP-PP residencies to share their experiences in particular sectors. These inspiring sessions give students first hand insights into policy making and into the critical challenges faced by the government and corporates. It ensures an enriching learning experience for the students and a chance for them to interact closely with the distinguished academics, politicians, bureaucrats and business experts, complementing their rigorous course curriculum. This exercise also helps build and strengthen the relationship between ISB and the world's leading professionals.


Prof Ashwini Chhatre - Executive Director, BIPP, Associate Professor of Public Policy, Chair - IRB

Prof Rajeev Malhotra, Professor and Executive Director, Centre for Development and Finance; and Lead Author and Chief Editor, India Public Policy Report

Dr. Aarushi Jain - Associate Director, BIPP



Fees and Financing

If I am unable to join the programme after accepting the admission offer and paying the admission fee will the admission fee be refunded?

No. The admission fee is non-refundable.

Do we have financing options from financial institutions? 

The programme has a tie-up with Axis Bank, Bank of Baroda, HDFC CREDILA , ICICI Bank, IDFC Bank and Indian Bank for education loans without collaterals.

If I decide to withdraw from the programme, can I get my tuition refunded?

It depends on the timing of your decision. The refund is governed by the refund policy prevailing at that time. Please check the refund policy section for details.

What is your refund policy?

In case a student has to withdraw from the programme for either academic, personal or administrative reasons, the student will receive pro-rated refund for only the remaining terms to the extent that the student has paid for those terms in advance. No refund will be granted for the terms which have already commenced or have been completed. The programme office reserves the right to deduct additional amounts which have been paid in advance to vendors for boarding and lodging, etc. which cannot be recovered by ISB even though the participant has not attended the terms for which these expenses were incurred in advance.

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