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Every batch of the Advanced Management Programme in Public Policy ushers in a new dynamism, bringing with it its unique ambience, creativity and impact. For the diversity each group of AMPPP exuberates every year, there’s bound to be some enriching inventiveness and contribution to the existing culture of sharing and celebrating knowledge. The vast and varied experiences of AMPPP participants also provides major room for interactions, learnings and lifetime relationships within the cohort and with the Institute. In pursuit of this shared space, the Cohort of 2022, has introduced to AMPPP creative board, a series of Podcasts! The members of the group bring in some interesting, info-filled conversations, to enlighten the audience on policy issues in a lightened way, right from the ISB studios.

Podcast 1: The Postal Posit

Kanika Pal, South Asia Head, Community Investments and Sustainability Programmes, Hindustan Unilever, engages in a conversation with Swati Pandey, Postmaster General, Mumbai, to gain fresh and firm perspectives on India’s Postal Department. 

Podcast 2 : Partnership is the key

Rishi Sinha, Deputy Executive Producer, CNN-News18, leads an intriguing discussion with two representatives, one each from public and private sector, focussing on issues and challenges of both the domains and reiterating the importance of advanced public-private partnerships.

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