Programme Fee

THE PROGRAMME FEE FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR commencing in 2020 is ₹47,00,000 plus taxes. The fee includes admission fee, tuition fee, boarding and lodging expenses for the residencies.

Admitted students are required to pay a non-refundable admission fee in order to secure a seat in the class.

 FEE AMOUNT ()     
*Admission Fee (Non-refundable) 2,00,000
*Tuition Fee 45,00,000
*Alumni Fund Contribution 25,000
*Lifetime use of Recreation centre and Library 10,000
Security Deposit (Refundable) 20,000
Total 47,55,000

*Taxes applicable as per law will be levied and are subject to change.

The admission fee is non-refundable and payable on acceptance of the offer. The tuition can be paid either in a single payment or in three installments.

Payment Schedule

Participants have the option to pay the fees in a single payment or installments.

Please refer to the payment schedule for details: 

Participants who wish to complete the programme in two years, subject to the approval of the dissertation chair, will have to pay the third installment by July 31, 2021.

After Year 3, the tuition fee is ₹ 3,00,000 (excluding taxes) per year until completion or until the maximum candidature period of 5 years is reached.

Admission  Fee              2,00,000 36,000 2,36,000 Within 15 days of admission offer                      
1st Instalment 20,00,000 3,60,000 23,60,000        July 31, 2020
2nd Instalment 15,00,000 2,70,000 17,70,000 July 31, 2021
3rd Instalment 10,00,000 1,80,000 11,80,000 July 31, 2022
Total Amount 47,00,000         8,46,000 55,46,000          


  • GST/Applicable tax rate applicable as notified by the Government from time to time.
  • The School realises its fee in Indian Rupees. Participants who want to remit the fees in foreign currency can do so by remitting the equivalent foreign currency based on the prevailing exchange rate.
  • The refund of any fee is subject to the refund policy prevailing at the time of seeking a refund.


Financial assistance in the form of tuition fee loans may be available to the students of the programme.

The sanction of loans is at the complete discretion of the financial institutions concerned. You may contact the below financial institutions for student loans.

Tuition Fee Waiver

Tuition fee waiver may be awarded to candidates from below mentioned categories.

CATEGORY     % of Tuition Fee     
ISB alumni from PGP, PGPMAX, PGPMFAB and PGPpro programmes 25%
ISB alumni from the ISB Executive Education programmes 10%
Employees from companies participating in the ISB campus placements for the past five years 10%

Executive Fellow Programme in Management

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