About Executive FPM

What is the difference between the EFPM and the FPM ?

The EFPM and FPM both are doctoral level programmes aimed at different kinds of audience.
The Executive FPM is for business professionals who want to enhance their knowledge and make a significant contribution to their specific area of business while continuing to work full-time. It focuses on developing a practical solution for current business or economic problems and aims at contributing to the knowledge of management.
The FPM is a full-time research-oriented program designed to prepare graduates for a career in academic teaching and research. While FPM also contributes to the knowledge of management, it is more theoretical in nature.

Who should consider the Executive FPM?

The Executive FPM is designed for working professionals who desire to continue their career while obtaining a doctorate equivalent degree. The program is ideal for those candidates who seek to deepen their overall business knowledge and understanding of high-level research skills in order to address the complex challenges facing them in today’s business environment. One can also pursue the executive FPM as a means of transitioning into a career in academia or to enhance their experience for a career in research and consulting.

What benefits should I expect from obtaining an Executive FPM?

While pursuing your Executive FPM program, you will have the opportunity to make valuable networking connections with other high-level executives and our faculty members. Students who graduate from this program can expect a deeper understanding of managing organizations and innovative approaches to problem-solving. This understanding will allow for intellectual development and personal growth as an individual, as an executive, and as a contributor to the community and society.


Programme Details

Do I need to travel to Hyderabad/Mohali to participate?

Yes. During the three-year programme, courses will be delivered through a series of 15-weekend residencies. During these weekend residencies (Friday through Sunday), there will be face-to-face classroom instruction, seminars and networking events. In-between residencies there will be assignments and projects requiring collaboration.

Is attendance mandatory?

Yes, attendance is mandatory. Each student must attend all residencies.

When do EFPM classes meet?

EFPM classes are organized in the second or the third week of the month spreading over 3 days. Typically the classes are held on a Friday, Saturday and  Sunday. 

Do you accept transfer credit from other academic programs?

No. Since the program is a cohort-based, executive format, we do not accept credit transfers or waivers.

What degree will I be awarded?

Upon completion of the programme requirements, you will be awarded "Executive Fellow in Management".

How long will it take to complete the programme?

The programme is a cohort-based model designed to be completed within three years. Special provisions can be made to allow participents to complete the programme in less than three years. The maximum duration of the programme is six years.


What factors are considered for admission to the programme?

Determined, motivated individuals with 8 or more years of professional experience and a bachelor’s degree are the determining factors for admission. Most importantly, the candidate should have a desire for learning.

Is the GMAT or GRE required?

No, applicants are not required to take the GMAT or GRE test, since a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent is part of the requirement for admission.

Is an interview required?

Yes. All applicants shortlisted for the programme are required to interview with our admission committee before being able to get an admit offer.

What level of previous education do I need in order to be considered?

Candidates should hold a bachelor’s degree. An MBA or business-focused master’s degree is a plus but not mandatory.

What will I need in order to apply?

Your application file should contain:

  • A complete application form
  • A scanned copy of your Passport
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Academic transcripts from all institutions of higher learning that you attended
  • Application fee (payable by credit card)

Do all my application materials have to be sent at the same time?

Except for letters of recommendations, all application materials have to be submitted at the same time.