Prashanth Hariharan 

Area: Organizational Behaviour

  • Keith Leavitt, Kira Schabram, Prashanth Hariharan and Christopher M. Barnes, “Ghost in the Machine: On Organizational Theory in the Age of Machine Learning”, Academy of Management, (October 2021)

Nishanth Kashyap

Area : Financial Economics

Sriniwas Mahapatro

Area : Accounting

  • Nishant Kashyap, SriniwasMahapatro, Prasanna Tantri, “Indirect Evergreening Using Related Parties: Evidence from India”, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis.(2022)

Rajita Varma

Area : Marketing

  • Varma, R., Bommaraju, R. and Singh, S.S., 2023. Female Chief Marketing Officers: When and Why Do Their Marketing Decisions Differ from Their Male Counterparts’?. Journal of Marketing Research, p.00222437231156902.

Asrar Ahmed

Area: Operations Management

  • Ahmed Asrar, Milind G. Sohoni, and ChaithanyaBandi. "Parameterized approximations for the two-sided assortment optimization." Operations Research Letters 50.4 (2022): 399-406