About FPM

What is the duration of the Fellow Programme in Management (FPM)?

The FPM is a four-year full-time programme. In the first two years of the programme, you will undertake basic management courses. The subsequent years are dedicated to research and the completion of your doctoral dissertation. The FPM is a full-time programme and is not available in a part-time or distance learning format.

Since I already hold an MBA, can I be exempted from some courses?

We do not generally grant exemptions from any courses. However, if you demonstrate advanced knowledge in a particular area, you may be granted exemption from that course. Exemption requests are submitted to the course instructor and must be approved by the FPM Dean. If approved, alternative coursework may be proposed.

I am presently working and I would like to know whether I could do the FPM either on a part-time basis or via the distance learning mode?

No. ISB's FPM is an extremely intensive and rigorous 4 year full-time programme. All courses are compulsory and take place on our campus. It is not possible to combine FPM with your work. We do not offer distance learning courses either. However, please note that we offer a full tuition scholarship plus a stipend to cover living expenses during the 4 years of study; so you do not need to work to support yourself while studying.

Do you offer the FPM curriculum online?

No. ISB's FPM courses are not delivered online. The FPM is an on-campus, full-time programme.

Application Requirements

What are your admission requirements?

You are required to have:
A Master’s or a 4 year Bachelor’s degree.
A valid GMAT / GRE / CAT / JRF qualified score report of UGC NET
A TOEFL score (no more than two years old) if English is not your native language.
This requirement can be waived if any university-level degree was obtained in English.
Three letters of recommendation, preferably from faculty members.
A desire to pursue a career in business academia and become an academic in one of the following areas of specialisation: Accounting, Financial Economics, Marketing, Operations Management, Organisational Behaviour, and Strategy.

What makes an applicant a strong contender for the FPM?

Besides meeting the requirements outlined above, you should present a strong educational background (excellent grades and test scores), outstanding intellectual capabilities, creativity, ability to converse effortlessly in English, potential to engage in high quality research, a high level of motivation and drive to become a scholar in management, and strong recommendations from faculty members to support your potential for success in business academia.

How do I apply?

All applications must be completed via our online platform and submitted electronically. For detailed instructions, please visit our website at fpm.isb.edu

What is the application fee?

The fee is INR 3000 per application, which is payable online by credit card. We do not accept cash, cheque, or money order.

How can I submit the letters of recommendation?

Once you log in, the application form will automatically generate a link, which will be sent to your selected referees via email. Your referees can either fill in the online recommendation form or upload their recommendations online in the form of a PDF or Word document. We prefer that you enter their official email addresses and not their personal email addresses. Please ensure that your letters of recommendation reaches us by January 22, 2024. We will not be sending a reminder to your referees regarding the deadline.

How many applicants are admitted each year?

We accept approximately two to three applicants for each area of specialisation in a year. It is difficult for us to predict your chances of admission as competition varies every year. We accept a variety of applicants from different educational, professional, and national backgrounds. For more information on what we look for in applicants, please browse through the Admissions section on our website.

What is the deadline for the FPM application?

The application has to be sent to the FPM Office by January 22, 2024. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

Can I submit my online application if I have not yet taken the GMAT or TOEFL?

You can start filling in the online application form and specify when you will be taking the tests, which must be no later than by January 22, 2024.
Once you have taken the tests, upload an e-copy of your student score on our application platform and request ETS (Educational Testing Service) to send the official scores directly to the FPM Office by January 22, 2024. However, it is strongly recommended that you take your tests as soon as possible to ensure you are able to submit a complete application file by January 22, 2024.

What are the school codes for the ISB FPM?

The school codes for the FPM are N2DJ501 (GMAT), 7010 (GRE) and 9047 (TOEFL).

Can the requirement for the TOEFL test be waived?

Applicants whose native language is not English are required to take the TOEFL test.
If you have a university degree from an institution where the curriculum was taught exclusively in English, you do not have to take the TOEFL. In such a case, your degree diploma and transcripts, which you will be asked to upload to your application, will suffice as proof and serve to exempt you from the TOEFL.

If I only have a Bachelor’s degree (or undergraduate-level equivalent), may I apply to the FPM?

We prefer a Master’s or postgraduate-level degree. However, if you have a Bachelor’s degree with excellent academic achievements, we encourage you to apply for the programme.

Is work experience a prerequisite for the FPM?

No. We do not require any work experience for admission to the FPM.

If I have work experience, can a superior or professional advisor write a recommendation for me?

Ideally, the letters of recommendation should come from faculty members, scholars, or advisors who can assess your academic background, your ability to carry out research and complete a rigorous FPM, as well as your ability or potential to teach. However, in the event that you are unable to submit three letters from academic sources, you may submit non-academic recommendations.

Can I submit more than three recommendation letters?

No. Your application should contain no more and no less than three recommendation letters.

What is the minimum GMAT score?

We do not have a specific cut-off point for the GMAT test. We take a holistic approach in assessing your application. Our selection is based on your general profile and overall academic background. Your test scores are only one component of the many factors considered. Perfect scores do not guarantee admission and lower than average scores will not invalidate your candidacy. However, most of our FPM students have a GMAT score exceeding 700.

Can I send GMAT or TOEFL scores that are more than five years old?

No. The GMAT or GRE scores must not be more than five years old. The TOEFL score must not be more than two years old.

Can I send photocopies of my testimonials and transcripts?

Since our application is online, we require only electronic copies of the original documents (in PDF format) to be uploaded for the initial round of selection.
If you are selected for admission, you will be asked to provide certified hard copies of all your submitted documents to the FPM Admissions Office.
We do not accept plain photocopies of diplomas and transcripts. You are required to present hard copies that are certified by the awarding university or a notary. If these documents are translated (a requirement if not in English), you must have them certified by an authorized translator or the Consulate.

Admissions Process

When can I expect to hear from the admissions committee about my candidature?

The Admissions Committee will review the applications in Mid February 2024. As soon as a decision has been made, the FPM Admissions Office will notify you. If you have not heard from the Committee regarding the status of your application, it is because a final decision has not yet been reached. We always communicate the final status to all applicants once the admissions committee has made the final decision.

Is an interview with the candidate a necessary step in the admissions process?

Yes,  an interview is an important  component of the FPM admissions process. Interviews are scheduled to clarify aspects of your application and/or profile. FPM office will contact you in case you are selected for the interview.

Please keep in mind that being called for an interview is not indicative of your chances of admission.

Can I reapply if my application has been rejected?

Yes. Candidates who submitted an application and were not offered admission that year may re-apply one more time.

Re-applicants must create and submit a new application using the online application system. Transcripts, GRE, GMAT, and TOEFL scores from the previous application may be used, if still valid. Additional test scores or grades from any recent coursework should be submitted. Recommenders must be entered into the application and sent from the recommender via the recommendation system.
Note: Application material is only valid for one year. If an applicant is re-applying more than one year after the most recent application, then all materials must be resubmitted

I am not sure which area of specialisation to apply for. May I apply in two areas?

If you are unable to decide on one area, we advise you to speak to some of your professors to help you narrow your selection. However, if you are still undecided, we will accept applications for up to two areas of specialisation. In this instance, you will need to complete two separate applications and make two separate application fee payments. The admissions committee will review your file for both areas of specialisation and decide which area suits you. You will be notified accordingly.

Does it help to be in touch with an ISB faculty member in advance?

Yes and mainly no. Very often a faculty member receives an email from an applicant saying that he or she wants to work with that faculty member. However, this is not possible until the applicant enters the programme, takes the core courses and passes the qualifying examinations. Only then is a thorough assessment carried out (including a lot of self-assessment) and an advisor chosen. So don't use this as a way of trying to get a professor to support your application.

Of course, it may be genuinely the case that your own interests lead you to interact with one of our faculty members, quite apart from the question of admissions. In that case your queries will almost always be met with a suitable response. The point is that in most cases, it is easy enough to separate a real research inquiry from a message designed to try and obtain admission.

Campus Visits

Is it possible to visit the campus before submitting an application?

Yes. You are indeed welcome to visit our campus. Please contact the FPM Office by phone or email, and a meeting can be arranged with one of the FPM Office team members who will be able to answer your questions. The contact details are as follows:
E-mail: fpm_admissions@isb.edu

Financial Information

Does ISB charge an application fee for the FPM?

Yes. There is an application fee of INR 3000, which is payable online.

Does ISB offer scholarships for the FPM?

Yes. Currently, a full ISB scholarship is available, which covers the tuition fees for the entire duration of the course and provides for a living allowance ranging between INR 10-11 lakhs for a full year of study at ISB.

What is the tenure for the scholarships? Are there any special conditions linked to them?

ISB scholarships are available during the first four years of the FPM. They are initially awarded for one year, and renewed annually based upon satisfactory performance in the programme.

What happens if I have secured external financial support as well?

You will automatically receive ISB funding once you are accepted into the programme. However, you are expected to seek external financial support where available, which will increase your living allowance and financial benefits.