What is ivi


  • For: Aspiring first-time entrepreneurs
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Location: ISB, Hyderabad campus

I-Venture Immersive (ivi) is a world-class entrepreneurship programme designed for aspiring first-time entrepreneurs, that offers an experiential, intense, transformative, 6-month, full-time, on-campus experience at Hyderabad.

As India's entrepreneurial landscape flourishes, there is an anticipation of a surge of entrepreneurs, women and men, young and old, from big and small cities, starting up, creating jobs, and contributing to the economy. But starting up comes with its share of challenges and risks. That's where this programme steps in.


In India (FT Global MBA Ranking 2024)


In the PitchBook Annual University Rankings 2023


In entrepreneurship in Asia Pacific Region - Bloomberg's annual ranking of B-Schools

700 +




400 +

Startups supported by I-Venture @ ISB

ivi Structure

Phase 1 (6 months)

Hands-on immersive learning + team building



Phase 2

On completion of the first phase, selected teams* get funding up to ₹40 lakhs + building support

*Teams should comprise a minimum of two co-founders from the cohort.


ivi Walk-through

Who Is It For

Aspiring entrepreneurs from any discipline and function, who are passionate about launching their First Venture. It can include:

  • Students (Graduates or Postgraduates)
  • Working Professionals
  • Family Business Owners
  • Enterprising Women
  • Armed Forces Personnel

How to Apply

Our admissions window is open from May to September, with two rounds of intake. The application and selection process will involve the candidate uploading 3 videos: 

  • A 2-minute video that explains “why I am a potential candidate” 
  • A 5-minute video pitch that demonstrates problem-solving skills 
  • A 1-minute video pitch that elaborates on “why I need a scholarship and how much?” (Optional)

ivi Curriculum

The programme delves into a curriculum that, of course, covers the basics - accounting, finance, marketing, negotiations, supply chain, AI, and Data Analysis - but will go way beyond the basics with real-world case studies taught by experienced practitioners.

The programme engages ISB’s global eminent alumni, who are top VCs, experienced founders, and faculty, to curate a powerful learning path for the students, igniting the thrill of building a viable venture from the ground up, where their aspirations, knowledge, and insights are put into action.

Key components

First 4-month:

  • ivi-Talk
  • ivi-Fire(side chat)
  • ivi-Work(shop)
  • ivi-Vid(eo)
  • ivi-Disc(ussion)

Last 2-month: Idea and Team Building


Programme Fee: INR 8 lakhs + taxes

(Includes 6-month campus stay)


Available Upto 6 lakhs

*Terms & Conditions applied

Upcoming events

  • 18


    I-Venture Immersive Info Session in Mumbai

    Join us for an interactive session with Purnota Dutta Bahl (PGP Co '05), founder and CEO of Cuddles Foundation, along with Prof. Bhagwan Chowdhry

  • 19


    I-Venture Immersive Info Session in Pune

    Join us for an interactive session with Nidhi Sinha (PGP Co '19), Associate Partner, IBM, along with Prof. Bhagwan Chowdhry.

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