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Career Advancement Services

Career Advancement Services (CAS) at ISB gives the students necessary wherewithal to accomplish their career aspirations. It works in unison throughout the year to enable the students to make informed decisions about their careers.

At the start of the first term, the Learning and Development (L&D) team organises one-on-one interaction sessions with alums from various industries and functions. Detailed resume review workshops are lined up in the subsequent terms.

As the placement season nears, exhaustive mock interviews are conducted by alums, including industry specialists, for the roles students aspire to take up.

Throughout the year, the school organises and facilitates various ​sessions and workshops such as career pathways, functional overview sessions, ​industry deep-dive workshops, social media use, and others. These sessions provide intricate industry insights to the students.

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PGP Campus Placements

Placement Highlights

ISB has an integrated placement process for the PGP class across both Hyderabad and Mohali campuses.

Placement Process

The ISB placement process takes about four months. Through a series of on-campus presentations and hundreds of job postings, you get the opportunity to learn about recruiting companies with national and global presence. Placements commence with a series of pre-placement talks (PPT) by recruiters to the student body.

The talks pertain to the organisations' philosophies and expectations. Students respond by submitting 'expressions of interest (EOI)' to them. Recruiters select suitable candidates, draw up a shortlist, and inform the Career Advancement Services (CAS) team, who get in touch with the students.

On-campus interviews form the next stage, and then companies make offers. Recruiters may also conduct off-campus interviews with students.

The bulk of the placement process occurs within a 10-day window. However, the final interviews and placements continue for several months.

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