Outbound Exchange

Choosing a Programmes

First, define your goals for an easy selection :

  1. Do you have a specific academic requirement or specialisation?
  2. Do you wish to explore a particular market or related job opportunities?
  3. Are you looking for a life-enriching experience?
  4. Do you want to visit exotic places or places you would otherwise not have the opportunity or the inclination to visit?
  5. When do you want to go on exchange?
  6. How much time would you like to spend abroad on exchange?
  7. What is your maximum exchange budget?

Next, research the exchange options:

  1. What types of courses are available? 
  2. What is the cost of living in that particular city? 
  3. How will I arrange for sufficient funds?
  4. What is the climate in the country? 
  5. Where and what kind of housing is available? 
  6. Is it easy to commute to and from the housing area? 
  7. Would I be comfortable with the cultural norms of the host university and country?

You can find the list of exchange schools and the links to their websites in the Exchange Network section. For any additional information, please contact the ASA - Student Affairs Department.