Student Clubs

Student Clubs are an important part of the learning and cultural environment. Formed by functional or industry interest areas, and driven by students, the clubs help you stay connected with the latest development in these areas. 


At ISB, you can possibly start a number of initiatives as you target specific industries. This programme helps you gain an in-depth understanding of different industries and their working.


Students participate in competitions held throughout the year. Be it business plan competitions or global student awards, our students have excelled in diverse categories and brought laurels to the School. 

Social Life

Families are welcome at ISB. Married students can choose to live in single-bedroom furnished apartments and families with children can avail of the day-care centre.

Graduate Student Association

PGP students are part of The Graduate Student Association (GSA) that is governed by the Graduate Student Board (GSB). This association (GSB) comprises representatives elected by members of the GSA.

Learning & Development (L&D)

Learning & Development (L&D) has a vision of being the students’ partner for a fulfilling career. 

Practicum Courses

The Experiential Learning Programme (ELP) is a live consulting engagement undertaken by ISB students as part of their elective curriculum. The programme is designed to combine the diverse experience of the students and their deep domain expertise to offer increased value to clients. Exposure to cutting-edge management research and theory further gives the students a more relevant perspective to real-world business issues.

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