Ria Bindlish

Clubs Coordinator

Ria is a 2019 Economics graduate from the Lady Shri Ram College, University of Delhi and has worked at KPMG in the Risk Consulting domain. She eventually moved to Gartner’s Global Strategy and Operations team. She is a people’s person and enjoys treks, swimming, and exploring new food places.

Chehek Nagpal

On-Campus Alumni Coordinator/ Events Coordinator

Chehek completed her undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Commerce from Lady Shri Ram College For Women, University of Delhi. Subsequently, she joined Kepler Cannon as a Consultant, where she worked closely with Fortune 500 financial services firms. During her undergraduate years, she took on a leadership role as the head of The Entrepreneurship Club and successfully organized numerous events. When she’s not occupied, she likes to indulge in classical dance, music and meeting new people!

Meharpreet Kaur

Alumni Network Coordinator

Meharpreet comes with a background in Project management and General Management, having spent a majority of her time at Accenture. She is a passionate advocate for sustainability and has co-founded a start-up in this field.

A true social butterfly, Meharpreet thrives on connecting with people and nurturing meaningful relationships. Whether it's exploring new restaurants, engaging in thought-provoking discussions with friends, or immersing herself in the world of music, Meharpreet embraces life's diverse experiences with enthusiasm.

Aditya Prakash Patnaikuni

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Aditya has a background in entrepreneurship, specifically in managing food franchises in Hyderabad. In addition to that, he has experience running a digital marketing agency that focuses on managing Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok accounts.