Rishabh Agarwala

Section I Representative

Rishabh is a chartered accountant and has ~6 years of work experience in consulting and assurance at PwC. He specializes in operational excellence including optimizing capacity, cost rationalization, quality transformation and ESG. He is known for his in-depth knowledge of finance, operations and the pharma industry. 

Outside of work, he spends his time exploring the world, swimming, or playing the drums.

Supriya Dube

Section J Representative

Supriya Dube, graduated in 2019 from IIT Roorkee , was working in the Growth analytics team at CoinDCX. Supriya has a strong background in analytics and strategy. She is passionate about the prospect of building a career in management consulting post MBA. Outside of work, Supriya derives joy from traveling, dancing and spending time with friends and family.

Monideepa Karmakar

Section K Representative

A Chemical Engineering graduate from PDEU (2015), Monideepa accrued 7+ years of invaluable experience at Gujarat State Fertilizer and Chemicals Ltd. Her proficiency spans process development, optimization, quality enhancement, project execution, and operations management.  

Approachable and solution-oriented, she is the go-to person for overcoming challenges. Outside of work, she enjoys travel, culinary exploration, painting, clay moulding, and engaging in creative DIY activities.

Jinesh Marfatia

Section L Representative

Jinesh is a Computer Engineering graduate from DJ Sanghvi, with a versatile background in technology sales. His prior experience at Quantiphi Analytics and Scalar Academy spans both B2B and B2C sales. Driven by a passion for impactful engagements, he is highly enthusiastic about helping customers achieve their strategic goals. Beyond work and study, Jinesh enjoys battling it out at table tennis or the squash court and the poker tables at ISB.


Bidding Coordinator

Darshil is a Chartered Accountant with ~2 years of experience in Investment Banking. He was an IB Analyst at J.P. Morgan and has worked with multiple top giants across automobile, chemicals, logistics & business services industries. He has an experience of working on multiple deals such as M&A, SPACs, and IPOs by engaging in financial modelling, transaction structuring and valuation analysis. Previously he worked with EY as an Auditor serving multiple fortune 500 clients in the TMT space. 

He has graduated from Narsee Monjee College (Mumbai). In his free time, he enjoys, exploring new places and cuisines, playing cricket and volleyball.

Muskan Gupta

Peer to Peer Learning Coordinator

Muskan Gupta, graduated in 2020 with a degree in Bachelor of Commerce Prior to ISB, Muskan was working in the audit division at Deloitte. Muskan has a strong background in finance, strategy and accounting.  She is passionate about the prospect of building a career in mergers and acquisitions post MBA. The dynamic nature of M&A transactions and their potential to drive strategic growth excites her. She is drawn to the analytical challenges that come with evaluating financial data, conducting due diligence, and identifying opportunities for synergy. Outside of work, Muskan derives joy from embarking on journeys to new destinations, delving into the depths of fascinating topics, and immersing herself in the world of literature.

Abilash Suresh

Curriculum and Electives Coordinator

Abilash is a chartered accountant with 4 years of experience in consulting and finance, before coming to ISB to pursue his PGP.

A commerce graduate from the University of Madras, Abilash loves social impact work and public speaking , having been an active member of Rotary International and Toastmasters.