ISB's youngest club yet, the Media and Entertainment Club is one of the fastest growing clubs with the club headcount doubling over the years. The M&E Club comprises a diverse group of over 60 members from both the campuses, each hailing from various diverse backgrounds. At its core, the club is driven by a team of 9 skilled and seasoned media and entertainment enthusiasts, boasting an average of 5 years of valuable work experience. Their primary focus lies in fostering awareness across different domains and career paths within the M&E sector. To achieve this, the club conducts engaging events that not only entertain but also educate the cohort. Additionally, the club actively collaborates with industry leaders, hosting regular speaker sessions to expose students to real-world experiences.

The flagship event of the M&E Club is known as "Homecoming," serving as a dynamic platform that brings together students, academia, and industry professionals. Through such initiatives, the M&E Club aims to bridge the gap between students and the external world which holds immense opportunities for them, offering them a comprehensive and well-rounded experience within the industry. This, in turn, ensures that students are well-prepared to navigate the intricacies of the industry in practical scenarios, ultimately enhancing their readiness for successful careers.