About Us

ISB’s Business Analytics is a student run club, which is meant to help the students get exposure to the ever-growing field of analytics. The vision of the club is to help members understand the role of analytics across industries and to nurture a data-driven approach to problem solving. The club has 90 + members across both the campuses, and these members not only come from analytics background but also from other diverse fields like Consulting, Retail and Finance, et.al.


  • To groom the next gen analytics leaders who are equipped with business acumen and technical know-how required to excel in the decision science/analytics function​ 
  • To facilitate skill-development that will enable the members from all industries to make a seamless transition into the data-oriented future world

Club Activities 

Some of the activities that we plan to cover have been listed below 

  1. Analytics Foundation Course - Cover foundational topics across the different pillars of analytics i.e. Tech, Maths and Busines 
  2. Personalized Journey - For our club members, we create personalized learning journeys to ensure that the members hit the ground running with superior business acumen along with the necessary technical-skills 
  3. Career Pathways - Advanced skill building sessions to help the club members progress in their personalized analytics journey 
  4. Analytics Boot Camps – Hands on Session to walk club members through the complete journey of executing an analytical problem