About Us

The ISB Consulting Club is a student association, which seeks to equip the student body with resources to make informed decisions on consulting careers, tools necessary to build successful careers in consulting and opportunities to promote extra-curricular excellence. The club anchors these efforts by creating forums for aspirants to learn and imbibe skills and best practices from industry experts and harnessing initiatives that enable students to assimilate the learning into practical application. The club has over 500 members, who come from diverse backgrounds and bring in valuable work experience.

  • To equip the students with the tools and resources necessary for careers in the consulting domain
  • To create a forum for information exchange between industry executives and students.


To help the club members get a sense of the consulting world, understand why it is the right career choice for them, excel in their placements and their career in consulting in the vertical of their choice.
Term 1& Term 2

  • Preparation of consolidated list of the existing as well as the prospective companies for recruitment.
  • Understanding the core skill sets of the club members and their career aspirations,
    tracking down the target recruiters based on the core skill set and career goals (both – industry specific and role specific).
  • Organising speaker sessions with Industry experts to make people aware of what consulting is about and the life of Consultants.
  • Organise weekly guesstimate sessions to help people get an early start on their interview prep.

Term 3&4

  • Approaching existing recruiters for maintaining the relationship, increasing the number of offerings across various verticals and levels.
  • Approaching niche consulting firms for recruitment by displaying the cohort’s core skills, average relevant experience and interest levels.
  • Organising speaker sessions and Panel discussions with Consultants across firms and functions to expose students to the various opportunities available to them in the domain.
  • Preparation of the Pitch Book.
  • Help students understand and analyse the gaps in their profiles by floating a skill template and organise sessions and workshops to allow them to fill those gaps.
  • Organising Resume building workshops and resume reviews to help students be better prepared for the placement season.

  Term 5 and onwards

  • Retrospective analysis of the recruitment process and understanding the gaps and future expectations.
  • Incorporating the feedback from recruiters and club members to optimize future placement activities.