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Ashish Sonal, Class of 2002
Orkash Services Pvt Ltd

Orkash offers integrated intelligence and business assurance services covering Business Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence, Market Intelligence, Operational Risk Analytics & Advisory Services, and Cyber Forensics.


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Bijaei Jayaraj, Class of 2002
Loylty Rewardz Mngt Pvt Ltd

Loylty Rewardz is an industry agnostic, customer loyalty management solutions provider. It helps companies in retail; banking and other verticals understand their customers better, nurture the relationships and reward customers for their loyalty. The company currently employs 10 professionals.



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Bejoy Suri, Class of 2002
Gunjan Aggarwal, Class of 2005
Avsarr Quest Pvt Ltd

Avsarr Quest, through its finishing schools, helps fresh graduate and post-graduate students enhance their employability skills. It trains them on the skills required in different industry verticals like retail, banking and financial services etc.



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Manav Futnani, Class of 2003
Notting Hill Hotels & Suites Pvt Ltd

Notting Hill has built world-class service apartments in Chennai. Its facilities comply with international standards in comfort, efficiency and design to serve the top end of the serviced apartment business.



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Ester Martinez, Class of 2004
Power People India Pvt Ltd

Power People is an emerging player in the HR Consulting, Recruitment and Training & Development space focussed on working with the SME sector to assist them in their talent acquisition, management and organisation transformation processes.



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Nipun Malhotra, Class of 2004
Dolphin RFID Pvt Ltd

Dolphin RFID engineers innovative solutions to enable real time data capture to track valuable assets, tools, critical business processes, vehicles, employees, visitors as a part of the physical management of resources & security process. Technology agnostic, they have built their own Java based RFID middleware capable of working with any RFID hardware.



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Amit Khanna, Class of 2004

Graavaa is poised to emerge as a major retailer of natural stones. It seeks to bring in quality, guidance and transparency in the process of purchasing natural stones. It has already established the first store in New Delhi and has aggressive plans to expand into other cities by opening another 20 to 25 stores.



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Tejasvi Mohanram, Class of 2004
GreenFive Power Pvt Ltd

GreenFive, with professionals from power, finance and legal backgrounds, offers clients end-to-end solutions in the areas of site identification, feasibility analysis, detailed engineering, project management and CER acquisition for hydro, wind and other renewable energy projects.



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Srinivas Tati, Class of 2004
U7 Creation

U7 Creation provides creative design, development and fabrication services for corporates and others wanting to put up Exhibition Stalls, and company also takes end-to-end responsibilities for organising large corporate events.



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Subramani Ramachandrappa, Class of 2004
Richcore India Pvt Ltd

Richcore has developed enzyme formulations that solve “long” unaddressed industrial manufacturing problems, using proprietary methodology. In the first phase the company has developed products for the dairy products and bio-fuel industries. The company also plans to enter into manufacturing of certain niche bio-tech products.



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Charan Chintakindi, Class of 2005
Medien Digital Networks Pvt Ltd

Medien Digital seeks to exploit the advantages of digital media in propagating health awareness and health education to patients and their attendants waiting at hospitals and clinics. It has opened an entirely new channel for healthcare companies to reach their clientele in a targeted fashion.



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Animesh Kumar, Class of 2005
Ravindra Upadrashta, Class of 2005
iRunway India Pvt Ltd

iRunway is a new generation technology consulting company focussed on Managed Patent Services, Expert Technology Services for Litigations, Technological Research and Analysis, and Technical Due Diligence. The company serves clients in India and the USA and has plans to ramp up operations in UK and the EU region.



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Naveen Somani, Class of 2005
Inland Power Ltd

Inland Power is focussed on building power plants and has operations in Kolkata, West Bengal and Ramgarh, Jharkhand. They expect to generate a total of about 100 MW of electricity in projects across the country.



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Tahseen Jamal, Class of 2005
StratosHear Technologies Pvt Ltd

StratosHear is a new-age technology and media venture that has developed a patent-pending, state-of-the-art platform to deliver highly targeted ads on mobile phones via audio / video on various mobile channels and gearing for the 3G Network. StratosHear is reaching out to 15M users on a month on month basis with more than 50% of them being unique users.



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Vibhor Gupta, Class of 2005
Wit Innovation Technologies Pvt Ltd

Wit Innovation Technologies provides custom application development for Web, Mobile and Embedded systems (including barcode scanners, RFID and HID readers) for marquee customers in the US, UK, Germany, Venezuela and India.



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Vineet Jawa, Class of 2005
Ashok Hariharan, Class of 2006
Gaboli Online Services Private Limited

Gaboli is a social media and social networking company which offers proprietary social networking platforms for institutions looking to explore the power of collaborative software.



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Chaitanya Sagar, Class of 2005
Amit Mulleparttan, Class of 2006

The company helps small businesses and entrepreneurs in the US and Canada find the right outsourcing partners to take their ideas to market faster and more profitably.



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Nitin Vyakaranam, Sunil Lingareddy
Class of 2006
Artha Yantra Solutions Pvt ltd

Artha Yantra is working to deliver an integrated online financial services solution that would help a customer manage budget, plan finances, build risk adjusted portfolios, and plan taxes. It has launched its first product www.taxyantra.com, which already has a large customer base including some of the most reputed corporate houses.



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Vivek Pahwa, Bharanidharan Viswanathan, Umang Kumar, Ankur Warikoo
Class of 2006
Accentium Web Pvt Ltd

Accentium is in the business of launching hugely successfully internet portals aimed at providing unique services to its customers. For example www.secondshaadi.com helps divorced or widowed people to seek alliances for remarriage and similarly www.gaadi.com facilitates buying and selling of used cars and provides a wealth of information on cars. The company plans to expand rapidly and launch more portals.



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Adib Ibrahim, Class of 2006
Invention Labs Engineering Products Pvt Ltd

Invention Labs provides high-end engineering product and design services for aerospace, defense and other industries. The company also plans to enter into manufacturing of certain smart hand-held devices.



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Siddharth Bagri, Class of 2006
BLB Institute of Financial Markets

With operations in New Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Kolkata, BLB is an important player in the world of financial education. The company provides a host of educational training programmes for individuals in the financial services industry. It works with associates at different levels of the corporate hierarchy.



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Anoop Kumar and Surabhi Tripathi
Class of 2006
General Education

General Education offers counselling services for students applying for MBA. Essay on why MBA, why this school, what after MBA, short term goals and plans, long term goals and plans after MBA.



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Rajdeep Sethi, Class of 2007
Magnus Wellness Pvt Ltd

Magnus Wellness is an emerging player in the rapidly growing vitamin-fortified, health beverages segment. With operations in Mumbai, New Delhi, Ludhiana and Chandigarh, the company has plans to aggressively expand into all major metros in the next few months.



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Pranav Saraiya, Class of 2007
Serviceberry Technologies Pvt Ltd

Serviceberry is a pure-play, focussed IT Service Management Company, which works in the areas of ITIL consulting, ITSM process re-engineering, enterprise management solutions & services. The company has design and delivery capabilities across various technology platforms such as HP OpenView, IBM Tivoli, EMC, and BMC etc.



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Vithal Donakonda, Deepshikha Kumar
Class of 2007
Indian Speaker Bureau

Indian Speaker Bureau is engaged in providing niche services in the areas of event management, celebrity management and providing quality speakers for different kinds of events at corporate and institutional gatherings.



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Chaitanya Nallan, Class of 2007
Gingersoft Media Pvt Ltd

mGinger is a Bangalore-based start-up in the mobile advertising space. mGinger is the first of its kind opt-in permission-based mobile marketing platform in India that provides targeted advertisements on mobile phones.




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Karthik Polsani, Class of 2008
Niha Technologies Inc

Karthik al entrepreneur who has earlier set up two companies in the online gifting and web development space. Niha Technologies is an emerging player in the Healthcare KPO space, which facilitates improvement in revenue cycle management and data analytics for hospitals.



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Vijay A M, Ankit Singh
Class of 2008
Treystaa Services Pvt Ltd

Treystaa is a specialised data analytics consulting and outsourcing firm, providing specific solutions to clients' marketing and finance questions through cutting-edge predictive analytics and business intelligence.



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Shruti Dhanda, Class of 2008

Shrubs is a growing retailer in the world of fresh flowers and floral arrangements. The company serves many customers in Corporate India and also provides end-to-end floral arrangements for marriages. The company currently operates in the NCR region but has plans to expand into all major Indian centres.



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Rao Korupolu, Class of 2008
Fusion International School

Fusion International School provides holistic education comprising of a fusion of western education methods focussing on leadership, communication and social skills combined with strong Indian The School is located in Lingampally, near Gachibowli.