Sriram Karthikeya Chavali



Sriram Karthikeya has three years of experience in pharmaceutical industry. Post his undergrad in Chemical Engineering from IIT Madras, he joined Dr. Reddy’s Young Leaders Program, where he worked as a process engineer across different verticals in pharmaceutical manufacturing and R&D, exposing him to overall product development lifecycle. He also worked on ideation and implementation of digital transformation projects in R&D and served as “Digital Guru” – Reverse mentor to the CFO of Dr.Reddy’s.

Sriram is really passionate about the healthcare industry and is committed to the cause of making healthcare accessible and affordable to everyone. Through the healthcare club, he aims to help provide an all-round knowledge of the healthcare industry and equip the batch with the right skills to achieve their post ISB goals.

Outside of his profession, he loves motor biking, badminton, swimming and melodious music.


Dr. Praveen SG

Vice President


Dr Praveen had two and half years' experience as a General Physician and 5 Years of experience as a Psychiatrist and Health care administrator, working for the Central Government. He has been associated with various NGOs involved in Drug rehabilitation program for adolescents and young adults, and Disability welfare. In addition, He has been an advisory board member and expert speaker of pharmaceutical companies such as Jansen and Lundbeck. He has keen interest in academics and presented various research papers and posters at various National and International conferences. Dr Praveen wants to improve penetration and affordability of quality healthcare in the country and wants to help members of healthcare club realize their aspirations in health care.


Shriya Chandrakar

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Shriya her B.Tech and M.Tech in Electrical Engineering from IIT BHU, and thereafter joined Mastercard as an Analyst, where she worked for 3 years. Shriya has provided cross-geography analytical support and consulting services to clients, improved salesforce processes for the consulting division, and helped identify potential sales opportunities for Mastercard's analytics and consulting business.

She believes that the niche perception that people have about the Healthcare industry ought to change with increasing traction in the space. As the MCC of Healthcare Club, she wishes to enhance student-club engagement.

Being the only non-doctor in her family, Shriya is extremely interested in the healthcare industry, and is currently pursuing an ELP in the same as well to get first-hand experience of the industry. Beyond academics and career, she loves to sing and is up for a jam session anytime. She also likes to volunteer with social organizations and has been involved with Make a Difference, Sajhe Sapne in the past.


Krishna Harsha Adusumilli

Career Advancement Coordinator

Krishna did his Bachelor’s in Pharmacy and went on to do his Masters in the US. He comes in with 7 years of work experience as a researcher in multiple companies most recently at Biogen. At BIogen he led a collaboration between Biogen and academic labs at Massachusetts Institute of Technology to develop the first 3D model depicting disease physiology in Neuromuscular space , spearheaded a collaboration with a contract research organization worth 1.3 million dollars for auxiliary development of stem cell based disease models, and developed new therapeutic modality after managerial exits for the resolution of genetic disorders in ALS space.

Krishna is passionate about increasing access to advanced medicine in India. He thinks that diagnostics based disease forestalling should be a norm to improve healthcare effectively. As the CAC of the healthcare club he would like to ensure that members of the club get to pursue their career aspirations.

Krishna’s outside interests include rock climbing, rowing and offroad biking.




Sindhuja has done her BTech from IIT Kanpur in the electrical engineering department. She graduated in 2018 and then joined Oracle India as an Applications Engineer and worked there for three years pre ISB. Her work primarily involved developing web applications using Java. She worked on the development of both the frontend and backend of Oracle's HCM application.

Sindhuja believes the healthcare industry has always been of great importance to society. The pandemic would have been much worse than if the advancement was even five years behind. She says we have come a long way from people dying of diarrhoea ten years ago to an artificial heart transplant, which could only happen with the medical or health industry aid.

She believes when it comes to operational tech, which makes day-to-day operations more effortless, the health industry lags compared to any other sector of the same scale. In the global world, which is becoming more local by the day, it is always the health industry's responsibility to aid in any setback.

Bharath Kaushal Alguri

Alumni Coordinator    

Bharath did his B.Tech in civil engineering from IIT BHU Varanasi and graduated in 2016. He then joined ZS Associates as an Analyst and has grown in the firm to become an Associate Consultant, handling a team of 6 that advised the oncology business unit of a fortune 500 life sciences company in the US. He worked on projects ranging from patient journey analysis to building insights from market research surveys, gaining expertise in the oncology market. He then joined the internal consulting team of Novartis pharmaceuticals as a manager, working closely with brand directors from 10 countries helping with the launch strategies and designing salesforce.

Bharath is passionate about the healthtech industry and strongly believes that a focused approach using technology can help in improving the penetration of healthcare in India and make it accessible at affordable costs. As the ALC of the healthcare club, he would like to help make the process of alumni interaction smooth and easy by creating mentor-mentee initiative and forming an executive board of go-to alums for various divisions in healthcare.

Outside of academics and work, Bharath loves playing chess and is an avid follower of formula 1.


Sruthi Balakrishnan

L&D Coordinator


Sruthi has done her BBA.LLB. (hons.) from School of Law, Christ University, and thereafter joined Strides Pharma Science Limited as an in-house legal counsel. She has 3.5 years of experience in negotiating and drafting pharma commercial contracts in multiple product lines including formulations, API, and CRAMS, with counterparties across the globe spanning North America, Europe, Russia and CIS, East Asia and South-East Asia. As an in-house legal counsel, her work involved working with 70+ key stakeholders from various functions including business development, finance, supply chain, plant operations, Intellectual Property Rights, clinical trials, etc.

Sruthi believes that the healthcare industry is one of the most exciting spaces one can be in. As the Learning & Development Coordinator, she is committed to breaking down the technicalities and jargon that seem to enshroud the industry, and bring knowledge of the healthcare sector within reach of the lay person.

Outside of work, Sruthi loves trekking and is a passionate follower of tennis.