Dr. Aashna Maria Joe


With a passion for dentistry and a heart full of diverse interests, her love for dogs is evident, and she never misses an opportunity to share the many photos of her puppy.

A food enthusiast, she enjoys exploring culinary delights from various cultures. Aashna is also a talented home cook and takes pride in preparing dishes for her friends and family. She can either be found in the kitchen, cooking for friends and family with an Old-fashioned in hand and country music playing in the background or sitting in class/meetings with a cup of good old fashioned aromatic chai in hand.

Dr. Aravind Venkatesh Sreedharan

Vice President

Paediatric endocrinology specialist with for more than 12 years working experience in various hospitals in Singapore. He is a clinical lecturer helping to inspire students and help shape their journey. A systems thinker constantly looking for better ways to deliver patient care to improve the lives of numerous children. Passionate about advocating against obesity among children and introducing new digital technologies into healthcare for enhancing patient care and healthcare delivery. He plays cricket and squash in his free time and loves listening to music.

Neha Reddy

Alumni Event Coordinator

Neha is a B-Tech graduate in electronics and Communication, Osmania University, Hyderabad. She has worked in the health-Tech consulting industry for ~ 3 years on application implementation for US Healthcare industries and front-end testing. She worked with clients across the US. She is a people’s person; in her free time, she enjoys cycling and playing badminton.

Purna Aparna Tammana

L&D Coordinator

Aparna, an Andhra University, Vizag graduate, holds a degree in chemical engineering. Prior to her current position, she spent 6 years as a software developer in the IT industry, gaining valuable experience with companies like Infosys and Carelon Global Solutions. Besides her corporate roles, she also engaged in teaching part-time at a school and an NGO. Outside of her professional life, Aparna finds joy in her hobbies, which include singing and playing chess.

Roshni Nagawat

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Roshni is a highly accomplished individual with a master's degree in commerce. Before assuming her current position, she excelled as a taxation consultant for 3.5 years. During this period, she gained invaluable experience working with clients worldwide and developed an extensive understanding of Indian as well as global taxation laws. Alongside her corporate endeavours, Roshni also has a rich background as a high school commerce lecturer for 3 years. Moreover, she is a passionate entrepreneur focusing on handmade organic soaps, body shampoos, and related products. Beyond her professional engagements, Roshni finds immense pleasure in her hobbies, which include dancing and indulging in stand-up comedy shows.

Shivam Khetan

Events Coordinator

Shivam is a dynamic individual driven by dedication to his work an unbridled passion to create an impact in the pharmaceutical and food industry. While his professional endeavours keep him busy, his zest for life extends far beyond the boardroom. As an avid traveller, he embraces every opportunity to explore new places, indulge in thrilling adventures, and savour diverse culinary delights. It is amidst these experiences that he finds inspiration and recharges his creative energies. Above all, Shivam holds his cherished circle of family and friends dear to his heart. Their unwavering support and love serve as the driving force behind his pursuit of success. Guided by the principle of altruism, he is committed to giving back to society and making a positive impact on the lives of others.