The Manufacturing and Operations Club a.k.a ManOps is one of the oldest professional clubs of ISB and has ~75 members across the campuses. Operations as a function find applications in various industries and has attracted members from various industries such as Manufacturing, IT/IS, Armed Forces, FMCG, and so on. The varied pre-ISB functions and industries of its members make this club a vibrant cauldron of mixing ideas and perspectives regarding the application and evolution of Operations across projects.

The club is led by a core team of 9 people from various industries ranging from Oil & Gas to the Merchant Navy averaging a workex of ~ 5 years. It caters to the desire to further learn and explore applications of Operations through various skill development workshops such as Six Sigma, Operations Excellence workshops and supporting cross-functional skills such as Data Analytics and visualization. To further keep up with the actual happenings and future of Operations in the industry regular sessions involving experts from different operations-heavy industries are conducted. For practical applications of ideas and concepts learnt, the club also hosts quizzes and case crunches often in collaboration with different clubs. In addition to all of the above, ManOps club has its own bi-weekly newsletter in which it summarizes and disseminates Operations/Manufacturing/Supply Chain news and happening across the world to cohort.

ManOps hopes to pique the interest of the cohort in the area of Operations which is present in almost every aspect of our professional and personal lives and nudge the cohort to explore a career in Operations and at least learn the concepts through various Electives, Certification courses and case studies