Vaidehee Joshi


Ms. Practical all-the-way, Vaidehee comes with 4+ years of experience starting off with an agency and moving on to a Product Marketing role at Zoho Corporation. The boss lady in the team, she always has a game-plan ready for any situation. When she’s not busy working for the Club, you can spot her enjoying the sun with a glass of filter kaapi, in hand.

Megha Garodia

Vice President

Ms. Life of The Party on and off campus, Megha comes with 5 years of experience across business development and marketing in several startups such as Airbnb, UC and Dot and Key. She’s the one who gets the job done no matter what. When she’s not handing out shots to everyone, she will be in her room painting away. 

Tanya Singh

Events Coordinator

Ms. Omnipresent spotted everywhere on campus, Tanya comes with 3 years of experience in marketing and advertising in agencies, having worked on several brand campaigns and ads. She’s at the center of creativity and shapes the ideas for all the events. When she’s not wandering about like a gypsy, she will be in her room reading everything from literature to sci-fi.

Karan Nandal

Events Coordinator

Mr. Dark Humour and proud of it, Karan comes with 7 years of experience across industries, with majority of it being spent in the Merchant Navy, post which he plunged into the corporate world of marketing. He is the go-to operations guy who works to perfection. When he’s not cracking self-deprecating jokes, you can see him chilling and listening to music.

Asmita Agrawal

L&D Coordinator

Ms. Happy Go Lucky and always bubbly, Asmita comes with 3 years of experience in marketing and strategy in the ecommerce space. She is the voice of the club with all her mails and TG messages. When she’s not hopping and joking around, you can see her taking a nap anywhere, and we mean literally anywhere. 

Rushil Sharma

L&D Coordinator

Ms. Prim and Proper round the clock, Rushil comes with 3 years of experience as an analyst in Goldman Sachs. She is the planner in the team in all our meetings. When she’s not busy jotting down and organizing in her diary, you can see her playing the piano or even salsa dancing.

Purvi Gupta

Alumni Coordinator

Ms. Dependable for everyone, Purvi comes with 2 years of experience in Strategy and Operations at Deloitte. She is the one person we can all turn to for any assistance. When she’s not busy trying to do everything, you can see her taking a swim or playing badminton. 

Akash Upadhyay

Marketing Coordinator

Mr. Chaos in every aspect, Akash comes with 4 years of experience in Business Development, operations, and project management in his family business. He’s the designer among us with Canva bookmarked on his browser. When he’s not being the wind of chaos, you can see him at the cricket field or engaging in adventure sports.