Real Estate and Infrastructure Club is composed of enthusiast individuals who have had experience of working in real estate or infrastructure and of those who want to learn about this sector. With billions of dollars being invested in this sector, it becomes an important player of the economy and almost every sector has some overlap with real estate and infrastructure sector. No matter what field one is in, knowledge of this sector becomes an essential tool not only on professional front, but also on the personal front. Investment in real estate is what every youngster would be doing in some point or the other and thus knowing inside secrets would help them manage their personal finances in a much better manner.
This industry still provides the best return on investment (17%) and the future of this sector is bright which can be seen through high budget allocation for infrastructure like industrial corridors, Sagar mala project for port modernisation, introduction of high-speed rails and housing initiatives like Housing for All, tax incentives for home loans.
Success of first REIT by Blackstone and Embassy group bodes well for the industry and more REITs are expected to come up in next 3-5 years. This development opens up new opportunities for people looking to make career in this sector.