Pavani Mehra


Pavani Mehra is the innovative force steering the F&L Club. With a unique blend of business acumen from a career at United Airlines, coupled with hands-on experience as a freelance fashion designer, Pavani brings a fresh perspective to the club. Having honed her craft under the tutelage of fashion luminary Marc Jacobs and sustainability pioneer Elena Ryleeva, Pavani advocates for a stylish yet conscious fashion narrative. Through this club, Pavani aims to blend style with eco-consciousness, inspiring a new fashion narrative at ISB through design & analytics.

Aishwarya Kumar

Vice President

Enthralled by the chemistry behind personal care products, Aishwarya realized her ambition as a Chemical Engineer from ICT Mumbai and thrived at her dream company, Evonik, for two years.

By leveraging her leadership skills which are more explosive than a chemical reaction gone wrong, her vision is to lead and engage the cohort by giving them a platform to bring out their beautiful inner compasses and showcase their personalities!

She is an advocate for body positivity, sustainability in fashion and is big on sharing her knowledge on cosmetics and personal care with the cohort.

Aishwarya fearlessly pulls the cohort out of their comfort zones, boosting their confidence and igniting their passion for fashion.

Bhavya Ranjan

Events Co-ordinator

Bhavya is a multifaceted sportsperson and avid lover of horse riding, and football. By day, she is a skilled consultant; by night, she is the mind behind an event management company. A social butterfly who is always seeking new adventures through travel.

Yukti Arya

Marketing Communication Co-ordinator

Yukti is the jack of all trades. She was a consultant with EY for 4 years where she learnt how to navigate the intricate pathways of the business world with finesse and flair. But that is not all, she is also an avid reader and writer, and brings her A-game to the basketball court. Yukti champions inclusivity and confidence through fashion and believes embracing positive changes in your lifestyle can foster personal growth.