Zarir Marfatia


Zarir is a lawyer by qualification but has worked in Investment Banking and FinTech. He graduated from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai in 2014, where he received his B.A. in Economics-Statistics before pursuing his law degree.

Zarir is a singer-songwriter, with 4 songs released on Spotify, Apple Music and others. Primarily a guitarist, he has also tried his hand at the piano, which he believes is the best instrument to compose on. A musical journey that began with singing in the school choir culminated into playing acoustic sets at some of Bombay’s trendiest restaurants, bars and pop-up festivals. Zarir’s main lyrical influences are U2 and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, while his musical inspiration is drawn from a diverse mix ranging from the Beatles to modern genres like chillwave.

Aside from music, Zarir is a massive football fan. He has dabbled in acting, having debuted in the Netflix Original “Yeh Ballet” in 2020. He is also an avid writer, having penned published articles on topics ranging from law and finance to media and entertainment.

Alexei Antao

Vice President

Alexei graduated as a Mechanical Engineer from VIT, Vellore and since then has primarily worked as an Analytics Consultant for the past 6 years.

His musical journey began as a singer in a children’s choir at church and he went on to learn the guitar from books and videos. While at VIT, Alexei formed the band Paradox, a progressive-funk band which went on to become one of the most successful university bands in India. With Paradox, Alexei has won multiple cultural festivals and has had the opportunity to open for some of India’s top bands.  Alexei enjoys building the music community wherever he goes, and over the last 10 years he has organized many music events as the head of the VIT and Mu Sigma Music Clubs.

Alexei is also a singer/songwriter who loves to perform at open mics, and he now wishes to focus on writing new music and recording his first EP.


Ratika Kapoor

Marketing and Communications coordinator

Ratika is a dentist who has worked in management consulting, which is really as diametrically opposite as Snoop Dogg doing reggae. Her love for music stemmed from just how much better it makes her day, making it a permanent fixture. It all started with school choirs, incessant singing of ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ and the stereotypical Gen-Z 90s, 00s jams.

Soon enough, music was not just about singing anymore, but a way to find the right headspace. Dedicating hours, curating the right playlist for before and after performing dental procedures, cafe music, music for walking and pretty much a playlist for every activity of the day, her interest widened across genres - including her love for rap that largely drove a very unexpected Cardi B cover for the batch.

For Ratika, singing is all about having fun as she continues to dabble in different kinds of music that make even the most exhausting days so much better!

Vivan Kapur

Band manager, The Jukebox project

Vivan is a Marketeer with work experience of over 3.5 years in Fashion Retail and E-Commerce.

Given that Vivan spent most of his life experimenting with music, it’s no surprise that he has the obsessive need to make and share music he loves with everyone. Vivan is a sound engineer, DJ and bassist with a musical spectrum that has been influenced by various genres ranging from house all the way to classic rock. His major musical influences are artists like Pink Floyd, Metallica and Eric Prydz.

Vivan has also studied sound engineering and music production at Point Blank Music School, London. He is also an Apple certified professional in Logic Pro X. All this put together, Vivan has found plenty of ways to express himself musically. It is evident that he doesn't leave any stone unturned when it comes to widening his musical horizons.