Neel Biswas


Neel is a Computer Science Engineering graduate with 3 years of experience in the Software Development Industry. He has worked as a Project Manager for one of the largest smartphones manufactures in the world and two of his delivered products were among the top 10 most sold smartphones of the world. He is a strong supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community and a proud ally. He believes in spreading positivity and creating a safe space for everyone. 

Akankshya Mishra

Vice President

Akankshya was a senior business analyst and tech strategy lead for digital transformation for projects in U.S healthcare domain. With over 4 years of experience in business analysis, she was responsible for requirement elicitation, stakeholder management and spearheading agile transformations. As a tech strategy lead, she ideated and implemented strategies involving disruptive technologies to solve her clients’ operational bottlenecks and loopholes. A travel-junkie and an amateur photographer, she recognizes herself as an LGBTQIA+ ally. She hopes to create a safe space for everyone regardless of who they are and who they wish to love.