Karan Notani


His resume talks of his sales and marketing experience at ITC Hotels, but what's more interesting is the fact that he is a national level swimmer and handball player. The golden boy of the Sports Club identifies as a hardcore foodie but also drools over cars and Formula 1. He recently, VERY successfully, organised a virtual marathon to raise funds for covid relief and has many interesting ideas on how we can get the cohort off the laptops and on to their feet.

A super chilled out person, he provides much-needed reassurances to the team with his almost-catchphrase, 'no stress'

Aksh Sahni

Vice President

Sealing deals with high profile clients might just be his not-so-secret super power, but sports is what makes his world go round. Though he had his hands full, handling Business Development for his family business of manufacture and export of leather products, he made sure to always take out time for travel, exploratory trekking, and of course, football.

He has organised numerous, large-scale sports tournaments in the past, and wishes to drive similar initiatives here at ISB. He loves problem solving and strategy games, and has a surprisingly great sense of humour which he refuses to acknowledge

Avani Bangalore

Events & Leads Coordinator 

A foodie and badminton lover who enjoys grooving to every beat of Zumba. A vivid adventure lover who wishes to go on a world tour post ISB. Playing sports makes her happy, energetic, and lively. She believes that playing foosball is the best therapy to fill voids in life. She is an engineer by profession with almost two and a half years of work experience as a software developer. During her professional journey, she organized several events at Toastmaster International and TedX. That’s where her passion for organizing events started, and she wishes to take it forward here at ISB by organizing several fun and engaging events. She believes in learning new sports with the mantra, “Learning is the new cool”, and urges the cohort to pick a new sport. Sports has always been her best friend as it taught her to play like she never won and perform like she never lost

Ritika Bandale

Marketing & Communications Coordinator 

Having flitted across various cities and organisations such as PUMA, Times Internet, The Man Company and a marketing and advertising agency, content writing and creative strategy have been her only constants. A doodler, amateur artist and occasional, emotional writer, she is also fond of cooking and of course, eating. (Yes, 'foodie' again.)

The few things that get her to stop being a potato and sacrifice her dearly beloved naps are swimming, basketball, and of late, cycling. She was amongst the top 10 national finalists in the Young Lions Marketing Competition, 2 years in a row, and that is what (sort of) directed her to embrace the idea of a future full of marketing campaigns and corporate drudgery.