Rishit Grover


With a major in engineering, Rishit worked in the software industry as a techie and a product folk. Given he’s completed the milestones Indian society expected of him at birth (CS undergrad in Engineering -> Work as a software dev -> MBA), he’s looking to surprise Indian society by pretending to follow his passion in comedy.

Vikrant Singh

Vice President

Vikrant pursued a Masters degree specializing in Transportation Engineering from UC Berkeley. Post this he worked at Amazon as a Software Development Engineer focusing on Competitive Pricing algorithms. He has an interest in Product Management and Urban Mobility.

Outside work he is an Open Water Certified scuba diver and an avid traveller. During his time in Bangalore he picked up a new hobby in Stand-up comedy and is pursuing this passion through the Stand-up comedy club at ISB.

Siddhant Oswal

Events Coordinator

Siddhant majored in Economics and Finance at Ashoka University, where he was part of the 3rd undergraduate batch and played key leadership roles in establishing the university's consulting club and leadership summit. After graduating, Siddhant embarked on a career in strategy, joining the pre-founding team of Plaksha University as a member of the Founders' and VC office, before transitioning to the MD's office at Nagarro. In his free time, you can find Siddhant driving around to find new food hubs, watching sports and chuckling at his own jokes.

Sumukh Channakeshava

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Sumukh is a passionate marketer with a strong sense of humour. He is a graduate of VIT with a degree in Civil Engineering, where he was a student council member and held other leadership positions. He has 4 years of experience in real estate sales, and he is always looking for new ways to use his skills to help businesses grow. He is a polyglot who can speak 5 languages, an avid badminton, cricket, and trekking enthusiast.