Anmol Bhotika


With a background in economics, Anmol worked in digital marketing before joining ISB. Ask anyone and they'll say that he is passionate about music and comedy and ends up integrating both in the hope of finding some meaning to his existence.

Himanshu Upadhyay

Vice President

Himanshu has 4 years of work experience in Project Management and 1 year in Sales. He did his graduation from NIFT, New Delhi. He picked up meme-making as a hobby this quarantine and has a meme page. He is a comedy enthusiast and believes humour being the best coping mechanism.


Arnav Sharma

Events Coordinator

Arnav did his graduation from PEC Chandigarh and has about 4 years of work experience in various functions such as consulting, data analytics and product management. He supported the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare during the Covid 19 pandemic and helped contain its spread in the country. He believes humour, travel and love make life worth living. He is a big fan of sarcasm and dark humour.

Shreya Batra

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Shreya did her undergrad from Delhi College of Engineering (DTU) and has about 6 years of experience in product tech across multiple industries. She travelled to various Indian cities during 2020, her deferred year (don't worry. She was not a spreader). She is a big techie. Talk to her about product and tech anytime or any problem you might be trying to solve. She is a big old Chandler and frequently engages in sarcasm for humour.