T N Anshumanth Rao


Anshumanth is a Software Engineer from MIT, Manipal, with work experience at Goldman Sachs and Cisco in Bengaluru. Stand-up comedy is a newly found interest born from his long-standing love for finding audiences to serve. He has previously authored and published a novel and written extensively for his college media body, personal social media pages, and briefly for the Deccan Herald newspaper.

Tanishka Goel

Vice President

Tanishka studied literature and economics at LSR, Delhi University. She has worked in the space of marketing and product growth for over 3 years. Simultaneously, she has been the designated entertainer in class/office. After watching too much standup comedy in her spare time and daydreaming about it, she thought joining the standup club would be a good way to bring comedy consistently into her life and take it to others.

Devanshi Iyer

Events Coordinator

Devanshi is an advertising professional from Ashoka University, where she did her degree and thesis in philosophy. There, she recognized her love for improv comedy and was involved in the core of the comedy club and performed stand-up comedy in Mumbai a few times as well. She now limits her "comedy" to WhatsApp groups, her twitter handle, and occasionally mumbling something under her breath.

Krishna Kiran B

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Kiran is an Arts Graduate from Osmania University. He worked for Federal Bank for 6 years, prior to joining ISB. Banker by day and standup by night. Or at least, he would be if he was funny. But he's not. So instead, he loves reading editorials on a wide spectrum of beats including politics, culture, and sports. Powered by coffee, cricket and silly conversations, and his newfound love for consulting you can find him scrolling through his grades and memes for a daily dose of laughter.