Aakriti Shrivastava


Aakriti is a 2016 graduate in telecommunication engineering from RV College of Engineering, Bangalore. She has 3.5 years of experience in telecom industry. She has been a part of many stage plays and street plays. She has represented her college in national competitions such as Mood Indigo and India Fests

Disha Sarkar

Vice President

Disha joined ISB through the Young Leaders’ Programme. A mechanical engineering graduate, she has 1.8 years of work experience as a Decision Scientist at Mu Sigma Business Solutions. An avid reader, literary fanatic and public speaker, she has always found an outlet for her creativity through the fine arts. Always ready to listen to and recite poetry and contribute to a good script, being a part of the Theatre Club was a natural choice for her.

Kashwin Sahaiya

Media and Communications Coordinator

A fashion design graduate from NIFT Mumbai having over 3 years of experience in strategy and operations in the fashion industry, last year she also started her charitable trust to connect local artisans with a fair market.

A lover of art, craft, music, and performing arts she has rarely failed to act upon this love. Having been part of a TV commercial, a couple of digital ads, and a theatre production, she’d like to translate her enthusiasm for the same through Theatre Club to the ISB cohort.

Niharika Sharma

Event Coordinator

Niharika has 7.5 years of work experience as a Business Analytics Consultant and PM in SAP, Bangalore. She loves acting and it is a part of both her stage and real life. When she watches movies, she pays attention to how the actor manages to bring out expressions and tries to re-enact them. She believes that through theater and acting, one can share experiences in a way people can relate to the most.