• For: Senior Executives with 10 - 25 years of Experience.
  • Duration: 15 Months
  • Location: Hyderabad, Mohali

The PGPMAX is the only EMBA equivalent programme from India to be ranked in The Economist's Executive MBA Ranking. The programme is designed for experienced professionals, senior executives, and business owners having 10 to 25 years of work experience.

It allows experienced business professionals to earn an Executive MBA equivalent degree while studying in a format that minimizes disruption to their work.

The main objective of the programme is to improve and broaden existing skills of students, offer better knowledge and bigger exposure to the latest development in their industry or business, and prepare them to take on greater responsibilities.


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11500 +

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Programme Highlights

ISB PGPMAX is a 15 month, Global Executive MBA equivalent programme designed to meet higher career aspirations of experienced professionals and business owners or entrepreneurs with 10 to 25 years of work experience. 

Class Profile

The programme attracts a diverse group of senior executives from large private organizations, public sector undertakings, NGO's, SME's, mid-size companies and family businesses. 

Individuals across functional domains such as sales, marketing, finance, accounting, manufacturing, operations, project management, and research & development are part of the programme.

Admissions to PGPMAX

Global Executive MBAs are tailored for experienced managers, senior executives, and business owners/entrepreneurs with substantial professional experience. The ISB PGPMAX  seeks experienced working professionals who have the desire and passion to learn and use the knowledge to advance their career.

Fees, Financing, and Sponsorships

ISB PGPMAX offers invaluable lessons in management, both from outstanding faculty and experienced peer group, providing you with a unique opportunity to gain business and leadership skills, expand your professional network, and prepare to achieve future career goals.

PGPMAX programme fee for the academic year 2021-22 is ₹ 3,963,000 plus taxes. To gain a better understanding of the programme benefits and ROI, we advise you to attend one of our information sessions or reach out to the Admissions Team. 


Alumni Speak

Sanjiv Bhagat

PGPMAX CO 12 | Vice President - ASEAN at AT&T

“The ISB alumni community is a great boon to seek assistance of any kind. Even if one doesn’t know the other, alumni come forward to help in every way they ca”.


Vadana Bhardwaj

PGPMAX CO 13 | Principal, Director - IT Products & Services at Milliman

‘Be boundless, be curious, be rigorous, and be open to learning. Base it all on perseverance and hard work. You will achieve more by giving more, be it your time or knowledge.’


Amit Singal

PGPMAX CO 15 | Founder and CEO - Neus HealthTech

"The school provides you with the best of environments. What best you extract out of the opportunities depends on you. Getting the best return on investment, learning and unlearning are all within you."


Chandresh Natu

PGPMAX CO 15 | Practice Head | Wipro HR Service

‘Small changes within lead to gigantic successes. If you change even 1% every day, you will be a different person at the end of the programme. Identify at least three things worth implementing from each subject and you will have a substantial number by the end of the programme.’

Admission Events

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    The CEO Story Oct 3 2020

    The CEO Story Oct 3 2020

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    PGPMAX Masterclass, October 17, 2020

    PGPMAX Masterclass, October 17, 2020




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