Fees and Financing

Fees and Financing

ISB’ PGPMAX offers invaluable lessons in management, both from outstanding faculty and experienced peer group, providing you with a unique opportunity to gain business and leadership skills, expand your professional network, and prepare you to achieve your career aspirations.

PGPMAX programme fee for the academic year 2024-25 is  INR ​41,78,000 plus taxes. The fee includes admissions & tuition fees, course material, and boarding & lodging for most days.

To gain a better understanding of the programme benefits and ROI, we advise you to attend one of our information sessions or reach out to the Admissions Team. 

Programme Costs

The programme focuses on managing the business in a fast-evolving environment. The School works with its Associate Schools to create a curriculum that reflects best global practices that provide conceptual knowledge which helps in improving and broadening existing skills.

The programme fee for the academic year 2024-25 is ₹ ​41,78,000 plus taxes. The fee includes admission fee, tuition fee, course material, and boarding & lodging for most days.    



Admission Fee


GST (@18%)
Total Admission Fee (A)        3,54,000

Tuition Fee


Accommodation Fee  
Sub Total     38,78,000
GST (@18%)        6,98,040
Sub Total     38,78,000
Security Deposit           20,000
Total (Incl GST) (B)     45,96,040
Grand Total (A+B)     49,50,040
Additional (Optional)  
Alumni Association Membership           25,000

GST (@18%)             4,500
Total Additional (Optional)           29,500

*Tuition Fee includes One-Time Fee for ISB Alumni for use of LRC and RC

Security Deposit

A refundable security deposit of ₹​20,000 has to be paid in addition to the programme fee. This amount is refundable after deduction of any dues payable to the School.

Alumni Fund Contribution

An alumni membership of ₹​25,000 + GST is payable by all participants of the programme. The alumni membership is non-refundable for participants who successfully graduate from the programme. This fee will be fully refundable for participants who do not graduate from the programme either due to withdrawal or failure to clear the examinations.

Expenses not included in the programme fee are:

  1. Travel for classes at ISB-Hyderabad/Mohali.
  2. Travel (airfare/local conveyance) for the international immersion.
  3. Purchase of laptops and other electronic aids recommended by the Programme Office.
  4. Other miscellaneous expenses like mini bar, laundry, beverages, meals outside campus etc


  1. ISB reserves the right to revise the programme fee.
  2. The school realises its fee in Indian rupees. Participants who want to remit the fees in foreign currency can do so by remitting the foreign currency equivalent to INR, based on the prevailing exchange rate.
  3. The refund of any fee is subject to the refund policy prevailing at the time of seeking a refund.
  4. It is mandatory to live in accommodation provided by the school during the days of classes.
  5. All participants are required to have a personal laptop, the minimum specifications of which will be sent before the start of the programme. Official laptops are not allowed.


Flexible Payment Options

Programme Fee for the academic year 2024-25.

Fee payable in four equal instalments: 



FEE (₹)

GST (@18%)

 TOTAL (₹)

Admission Fee

15 days from the date of admission offer




1st instalment 





Security Deposit ( Refundable)





Alumni Association Membership Deposit**(optional)





Total To be paid for 1st instalment (A+B+C) 





2nd instalment 





3rd  instalment 





4th instalment





Total amount payable






Admitted students are required to pay an admission fee in order to secure a seat in the class.

  1. The tuition includes executive accommodation and meals on all class days.
  2. Digital and non-digital course material is included.
  3. Accommodation during the international immersions is included. 
  4. Travel costs are not included in international immersion modules.


PGPMAX offers a limited number of merit-based scholarships aimed at assisting deserving candidates to enroll in the programme. Competition for the scholarship awards is high. The Scholarship Committee considers applications from candidates who demonstrate the below criteria: 

  1. Community-minded and socially responsible 

  2. Strong academic and professional profile with a track record of professional achievements

  3. Demonstrate leadership skills

  4. Potential for exceptional performance and impact

  5. Potential to become an excellent ambassador for ISB as a student and as an alumni 

  6. Spouse of a PGPMAX alumni

  7. Women leaders and professionals, especially those working in the Public / Social Sector enterprises.

Scholarship awards are for a partial amount of the overall fee and usually range between 20% and 25% of the tuition fees.

How you may fund for PGPMAX?

There are a number of funding options to finance the PGPMAX programme: corporate sponsorships, scholarship, and bank loans among others.

Only the most deserving get a scholarship award. 15% of the Class of 2022 participants received a scholarship. The scholarship award averages at 25% of the tuition fees. The award is deducted from the last instalment of tuition fees.

To know more details on the funding options, please contact the Programme Office.

80 %


10 %

Corporate Sponsorship

10 %

Partial Corporate Sponsorship

15 %

Scholarship and Financial Aid Contributions

PGPMAX Support