Programme Overview

The Post Graduate Programme in Management for Senior Executives (PGPMAX) is designed especially for Senior Managers, with busy work schedules that do not permit them to pursue a full-time MBA programme.

In a fast-paced environment, organisations cannot afford to grant long sabbaticals to senior executives to attend a full-time programme. PGPMAX addresses this need by allowing participants to undergo a formal, executive management programme with minimal disruption of their work and personal pursuits.

It is equivalent in content and rigour to an Executive MBA programme and arguably the first of its kind in India.

Programme Format

The Global EMBA equivalent programme offers campus experience. PGPMAX has a modular format and participants stay on ISB campus during classroom sessions and get the opportunity to engage with the ISB community.​

  1. The programme duration is 15 months.
  2. Classes are held for a week after every five weeks.
  3. Participants travel to ISB campus in Hyderabad or Mohali depending on the class schedule for that module (week).
  4. Participants start the preparatory courses once admitted to the programme.
  5. There are ten modules in India and two modules in international immersions.

The tentative programme calendar for the academic year 2025-26 is given below. 

Download the PGPMAX Programme Calendar, click here.

NOTE This calendar is subject to change for reasons beyond ISB’s control.


The programme provides a challenging and stimulating experience to participants to acquire and enhance skills and increase visibility of the business environment. It is designed to develop and enhance strategic thinking, critical analysis and understand business in a truly engaging and collaborative learning environment.


Select faculty, the best in their areas from around the world, are chosen to teach PGPMAX participants. Here's an indicative list of the faculty who have taught PGPMAX participants in the past.

International Immersion

Increasing globalisation calls for enhanced global awareness and building business and cultural sensitivities in today’s global executive.

The PGPMAX programme includes a mandatory international immersion in the USA with teachings happening at the Wharton School. The second international immersion is planned in partnership with London Business School

These immersions include classroom teaching, industry visits, and top management interaction.

Teaching Methodology

The ISB PGPMAX offers a structured learning experience. Teaching methodologies comprise class lectures, case study analysis, group work, and peer discussions. The approach is to have the right balance of theory, practice, and experience. ”Real-world relevance” is vital throughout the programme.

Pre-Course Reading Material

Pre-course reading materials which are in the form of text books, cases, articles, etc. will be made available to all participants in advance. Participants are expected to spend 8 to 10 hours per week studying these materials before they come for classes each term. Online assessments and pre-course projects are also incorporated into the programme to ensure academic rigour.

Industry Speakers / Visits

Speaker series or visits may be organised during the course. These interactions complement classroom learning and bring in practical perspectives to management theories. The speakers discuss diverse topics such as international growth, corporate diversity, corporate ethics and consumer behaviour. The School also hosts a number of annual conferences and seminars with distinguished business leaders and entrepreneurs as guest speakers.


Simulations are usually software programmes which mimic real-life business situations. The participants, working in teams or alone, are asked to take decisions under conditions specified by the simulation software. These simulations help participants apply theoretical concepts to aid decision making.

Learning Goals

The curriculum is designed to provide holistic education to the participants. Here are key highlights of what the participants will learn:

Leadership Skills

Have heightened awareness of what it takes to exercise effective leadership at senior levels through key initiatives, effective execution, influencing, inspiring and empowering people, and managing change.

Critical and Integrative Thinking

Demonstrate an ability to identify the central problem/issue, despite limited or overwhelming information, draw and assess recommendations using a perspective that integrates both functional (i.e. business functions) and relevant external information, and deploy them effectively to solve business problems.

Global Awareness

Understand the nature of global issues impacting business, including competition, policies, politics, culture and customers and have the ability to manage them effectively.

Ethical Responsibility

Have the ability to make responsible decisions through enhanced sensitivity to various stakeholders, communities, and the environment that are affected by management decisions.

L&D Services

The PGPMAX Learning & Development (L&D) Services team helps students address their career management concerns. We are committed to helping you achieve your career aspirations and provide outstanding personalized customer service to develop your career that provides long-term satisfaction and growth.

Career for PGPMAX Students

Our L&D curriculum is strategically designed to help you identify a career path that is consistent with your interests, values, and abilities. In recognition of the varying needs of our students, the L&D team offers a range of services.

  • Individualized Executive Coaching by ISB Alumni
  • Hosts workshops and sessions to teach job-search skills
  • Engage outside speakers to build up our training and to inspire job seekers
  • Cultivate relationship with alumni and corporate recruiters 

Career Resources

Our curated L&D resources are designed to help you in reaching your learning and career goals and make the most of your PGPMAX experience.

Exclusive resources for PGPMAX students include:

  • Executive leadership coaching by ISB Alumni
  • Resume/CV building
  • Creating an impactful LinkedIn profile
  • Networking to the next level
  • Preparing for job interviews
  • Evaluating/Negotiating job offers
  • Session with head-hunters
  • Access to the alumni directory

Lifelong Career Support

ISB’s commitment to you lasts long after you graduate from the programme. As an alumnus, you will have access to career resources that will support your long-term career goals

  • Alumni job portal
  • Alumni career development services
  • Alumni networking events

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