Abhinav Srivastava

Senior Project Manager, Tata Consultancy Services


Abhinav Shrivastava is a project management professional with 15.5 years of experience in managing projects and programmes from inception to deployment. He has played various roles, ranging from Technical Project Lead to Senior Project Manager in different geographies. Abhinav has been involved mostly in retail space, building their e-commerce ecosystem. For the past few years, he is involved in setting up multi-functional high-performing teams, delivering global programmes, and solving complex problems. He is an avid traveller, a connoisseur of good food, a cricket enthusiast, and a family man. 

Why did you choose PGPMAX programme?

Having spent so many years in the technology space, I felt the need to know more about the various facets of an organisation. I homed in on ISB because of its global brand value. International immersions in the world's best colleges is an added advantage. The experienced and diverse classmates are the other significant advantage as you learn equally from your peers. The programme provides an unimaginable flexibility to work and study with minimum disruption to work. The exhaustive curriculum validated my abilities to perform well in multiple roles.