Cedric Goubert

Director, Frigoglass


Cedric Goubert is the Synergies Director of Frigoglass, a spin-off of Coca-Cola Hellenic Group, which is the world's third-largest Coca-Cola bottler. As a part of the Group Senior Leadership Team, Cedric is in charge of cost reduction initiatives as well as the continuous standardization and simplification of the product portfolio, while striving to improve operating profit margins. Previously, Cedric worked as Associate Vice President for Naval Group, a global and major French defense contractor specialized in marine renewable energy and naval-based defense platform e.g. nuclear submarines and aircraft.

Cedric graduated from the “Grande École”, the French elite education institutes. He studied engineering at the École Centrale Paris and Public Management at the École Nationale d'Administration; created in 1945 by French President, Charles de Gaulle and generally referred to as the “ÉNA”.

Why did you choose PGPMAX programme?

Each step of my career progression has been punctuated by education. It helped me to cement years of experience and enrich my practice being more efficient, relevant, ethical, and generating opportunities that I was not considering before. While equipping professionals with the necessary toolbox to get to the next level, quoting Prof. Sumantra Ghoshal, an MBA is also giving you the “smell of the place”. I bet on India and it was an obvious choice to pursue my business education there. I choose ISB PGPMAX for its faculty, reputation, and quality of the cohort and I am glad to fly each month from Greece to reach my campus and classmates.