Dilesh Gathani

Director India, Passavant Energy & Environment


Dilesh Gathani is a systematic and organised, business leader with over 24 years as Director (India) and board member in Strategic & Tactical Planning, Project Management, Key Account Management, Techno-Commercial Operations, International Sales, Process Management, Capital Budgeting, etc.

He has worked for various companies in different capacities in Indian and international markets and has a history of expertly managing public listed companies in services, construction, EPC and technology domains.

Dilesh is an influential leader and has intrinsic talent in identifying a company’s strengths and weaknesses, implementing standards and changes in operation, and delivering systems that optimise the bottom line. 

Why did you choose PGPMAX programme?

PGPMAX gives an opportunity to interact with renowned leaders across industry and to be a part of the select ISB alumni fraternity. The new business concepts, and innovative business and operational solutions PGPMAX offers help you keep up with the changing business scenario. It also helps facilitate transitioning operations that have a high level of risk management process, and strategies to manage a business effectively.