Pradeep Pillai

Financial Controller and Chief of Human Resources, Voestalpine High Performance Metals India Private Limited


Pradeep Pillai is a proactive and competent professional with 20+ years of experience in accounting operations, system implementation (SAP and GST), strategic human resource management, etc.

He is a systematic and organised professional with quick adaptability to changing trends and processes. He possesses comprehensive problem detection and resolving abilities, process understanding and improvement abilities and has a highly analytical bent of mind. Pradeep exhibits strong leadership traits and behavioural management skills and has excellent ability to coordinate with different people under difficult situations. He can bring out the best in others while creating a healthy and friendly work environment, thus enhancing operational efficiency and optimising resource utilisation.

Why did you choose PGPMAX programme?

Learning, unlearning, re-Learning, developing additional skill sets and gaining enriching learning experience has always motivated me.

My quest for personal and professional growth for better career opportunities by developing management and leadership skills, gaining global business perspective, and accessing an extensive business network led me to PGPMAX.

The programme helps in imbibing qualities that lead to a holistic personal and professional growth. It helps gain knowledge about the current trends in business; helps recreate one’s self to handle challenges better; helps develop core leadership skills.