Venkata Laxmi

Software Architect, UST-Global


Venkata Laxmi Siddapuram is a Software Architect at UST-Global. She has 15 years of experience in IT Services. Strategy, vision, mission planning and project planning and execution are her core competencies. She has worked as developer, team lead, technology lead, delivery lead and in software architect positions.  Venkata Laxmi is working on people management, resource management, information processing, design and risk analysis, decision making and implementation of solutions. She is well versed with retail, banking, finance, and life sciences industries for implementation of enterprise applications, digital transformation and cloud migration operations. 

Why did you choose PGPMAX programme?

My current leadership role, I realised, required me to add more managerial skills from a systematic learning platform.

My desire to grow professionally made me choose PGPMAX. My short-term goal is to work on technology-based Leadership roles (C - Level) and my long-term vision is to become a business owner and a strategic investor. To accomplish these, I needed 360 degrees sharpening of my vision, strategy and decision-making skills. I needed lifelong mentors from ISB’s alumni leaders. I needed to learn more about finance and marketing strategies and awareness of tools from internationally acclaimed teaching faculty of PGPMAX.