Anshuman Sonbhadra

Independent Management Consultant, Ex VP - Accenture


Anshuman Sonbhadra’s life has always been “a plate too full of activities”. His role as Vice President at Accenture has exposed him to multiple geographies globally. His experience ranges from Finance & Accounting to IT, playing multiple leadership roles across geographies. He has been inspired by a multitude of diverse personalities along his journey, primarily by technology organizations such as Netflix, Amazon, Uber, etc. which have left an indelible impression on him. Anshuman is an avid & passionate motorbiker taking on challenges, exploring, and meeting vibrant people across the country and abroad.

Why did you choose PGPMAX programme?

Leadership, Strategy, and Technology are three important pillars of the organization today. PGPMAX equips me with a robust analytical framework for assessing opportunities and organizing approaches to address micro and macro challenges of operating an organization. I believe PGPMAX is an amalgamation of expertise, support, international exposure, and comprehensive knowledge in learning on how organizations are managed and built. The tenacity to embrace risk when others seek refuge is the single most important quality imbibed at ISB. At the same time, multi-cultured experiences and knowledge to unite diverse perspectives into unified themes is core to the PGPMAX learning.