Deeksha Kumar

Head, Middle Market Uber for Business, Uber


Deeksha Kumar is a business leader with over 15 years of experience in a fast-paced environment across industries such as ride-hailing services, food tech, fintech, financial services, and airlines.

Her passion for innovation has led her to work in new-age companies and build businesses from the ground-up. She has built long-term partnerships, designed, and executed go-to-market strategies, and developed business continuity plans in times of crisis. She has been instrumental in implementing effective sales strategies and negotiating substantial commercial contracts leading to accelerated business development and revenue growth.

On a personal level, she is a foodie, traveler, and a cycling enthusiast with a mission to explore more every day.

Why did you choose PGPMAX programme?

Having worked across multiple industries and leading sales teams at national levels, I had gained a deep understanding of the sales function. However, I wanted to build a strong foundation on how various other functions within a business such as marketing, strategy, finance, operations work so that I could hone my skills to lead an entire business rather than just a function. I wanted a programme which could help me build a strong professional network, get an insight into global practices, and become a better business strategist and a strong general manager. ISB PGPMAX is the right programme since it helps me study along with my work and apply classroom learning into the practical world.